31 December 2004

Happy New Year to all!

May 2005 bring you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous year!

29 December 2004

In Memoriam

Jerry Orbach, most remembered (by me) as Jennifer Grey's father in Dirty Dancing and the romantic candelabra Lumiere in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, has passed away as a result of prostate cancer at the age of 69. He's probably most remembered for his role as Lennie Briscoe in the Law and Order series. My heart goes out to his family and all who knew him.

25 December 2004

Merry Christmas to all!

22 December 2004

Phantom-ness begins today!

I've seen three movie reviews of Phantom of the Opera today. The first I saw was at the Post Dispatch, then IMDb, then in the Riverfront Times. Screen It doesn't really have a review of the movie, but it does give some information on it.
At any rate, all three reviews have said basically the same thing: Phans will most likely adore it and non-Phans will most likely abhor it. I've watched this go from conception to casting, and am looking forward to seeing the final product, no matter the outcome.

21 December 2004

To go back...

That was weird, going back to my old high school after graduating three years ago. There was a holiday reception todayfor the alumni, which they're hoping to be able to continue. We got together in the auditorium to tell the Seniors (Class of 2005) about what to do now to prepare for college and life after high school. I only saw about five or six others from my graduating class, and they were all people that I never talked to. But I did hang out with Lar (who brought Book with her) and Kristen for the most part, and talked to Breka and Suzy Q, a friend of Lar's that I knew in band. It was a small turnout, but it was kinda neat to see some people that I went to school with and see how much or little they've changed. I saw Mrs. A, my home-ec/family living teacher and said hi to her. Kristen is studying to be a home-ec teacher and plans t0 take Mrs. A's job when she retires in a few years.
Kristen, Lar, and I went out and ran some errands afterwards and had a girl's day out of sorts, which was fun. I still have to buy a gift for my mom (They were out of what I needed! I'll have to call around tomorrow, I guess.) and need to think of getting something for JR. I have an idea of what to get him, I just need to get out and do it.

14 December 2004

Having way too much fun...

I bought Mira an 18" Spiderman figure with 67 points of articulation. Translation: he's very flexible. Practically all his joints are movable, even his fingers! See, when he was a kid, my husband longed for toys like this; sadly, he was gipped. But a week or so ago, he found out about this Spiderman toy and was floored. So I bought it for him as an early Christmas gift. He's been having way too much fun with this, putting Spiderman in all sorts of positions. If I get pictures, I'll be sure to post them.
Well, it's finally finals week! I've survived one final and have another on Thursday. I was up by 7:15 this morning so that I could leave at 8:20. My voice teacher said we could bring family if we wanted to, so Milly (see cast of characters) and Mira came with me and supported me, even with Mira's back hurting. That was so sweet of him. ^_^ I went, I sang, I survived! Everyone else did a wonderful job as well, and we were finished in an hour (a whole hour early). Now I have to come up with an outline for my final paper that I'm typing in class for my final on Thursday. The topic is, "Should college composition II be a requisite for your field of study?" She says we can bring an outline for the paper, which I intend to do, but we cannot bring in a paper and rewrite it for the final. All this should be done within two hours. I don't think I'll need all that time, but you never know.
I looked at my schedule and as of today, I have 4 days the rest of the year where there is nothing going on. All my Mondays are free so far, then I have a final on Thursday, a niece and two nephews coming for a week on Friday, Milly's birthday on Saturday, a flute performance on Sunday, an alumni reception at the high school on Tuesday (21), a progressive dinner on Thursday, the kids leave Friday, then my family might be coming over for dinner that night, Saturday is Christmas Day, Tuesday (28) we're having company over for dinner, Wednesday night is a wedding reception, the next day is another wedding reception, and the day after that is New Years Eve. *whew!* I need to rest just thinking about all there is going on!
Wish me luck!

08 December 2004

Hello all!
There's not a whole lot going on in life. Finals are next week, and I'm happy about that. But other than that, it's just been life. So here's something to tide you over and get your fix of me. A quiz result! If you need something to do, quizilla is a nice plave to go.
Ok, bye!

You have the Vermeer girl look. A Vermeer girl
appealed mostly to the old masters of the Dutch
school, who painted pictures of everyday life
as they knew it. With her fine, fair skin, she
suited a light, natural, dewy make-up. The
Vermeer Girl loved homely things, such as
homemade soaps and candles. The following
artists would have liked to paint you; Pieter
de Hooch and Jan Vermeer.

'Pretty As A Picture' - Which Artist Would Paint You?
brought to you by Quizilla

29 November 2004

New blog !

I'm proud to announce a new Blogspot blogger in our midst. Join me in welcoming Calmly Chaotic and her new blog We're All Mad here! Drop on in!

25 November 2004

They got new uniforms!

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. ^_^
I just saw my high school marching band on TV! They were in the St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade (formerly the Mid-America Holiday Parade), sponsored by Christmas in St. Louis. The drum cadence sounded a bit different; they kept the part before the band plays though, so that was good to hear. And, as previously stated, they have new uniforms. Black and green instead of white and yellow. New hats, too! They looked really great. They were in step, their parallels and diagonals were awesome, and they *snapped* when they were supposed to. I hope they win some awards this year... The announcers called them, "one of the best street marching bands" and remarked that, "they have won hundreds of awards", which is pretty true.
I just wish Mr. S was still there. I'm sure Mr. Mooney is doing a good job, but I miss S! Wherever he is, I wish him well.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
The Infamous T

22 November 2004

Another fun "Getting to know you" form

I saw this over at Breka's blog. I think these are fun and help your audience to get to know you better, even though most of my audience knows who I am. Oh well. ^_^

Q: What color is most reflective of you?
A: You know, I'm not sure. Maybe green...?

Q: How did you get the idea for your diary name?
A: T is my nickname, and this blog focuses on me and what I say, think, etc.

Q: What time were you born?
A: 9:02 a.m.

Q: What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?
A: I'm playing Hey Ya! by Outkast on LaunchRadio

Q: Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?
A: Nope.

Q: What color underwear are you wearing?
A: Who wants to know?

Q: Do you want a baby?
A: Eventually. Mira and I aren't ready for one yet.

Q: What does your mom do for a living?
A: She works for AT&T.

Q: What does your dad do for a living?
A: He works for Saint Louis Music, Co.

Q: What is your pet's name?
A: A hammy named Popcorn, and a bunch of nameless fish.

Q: What color are your bedsheets?
A: Navy blue. It goes with our quilt.

Q: What are the last 3 digits of your phone number?
A: Which phone number, my home or cell? 156 or 013?

Q: What was the last concert you attended?
A: Josh Groban this year. It was such a great concert!

Q: Who was with you?
A: My mom, my MIL, Lar, and her MIL.

Q: What was the last movie you saw?
A: Boys and Girls with Claire Forlani and Freddie Prinze Jr. It was on FX this morning.

Q: Who do you dislike most at this moment?
A: Nobody, really.

Q: What food are you craving right now?
A: Chocolate! I always crave it, even when I'm eating it.

Q: Did you dream last night?
A: I don't think so. But I had a weird dream Saturday night...

Q: What was the last tv show you watched?
A: I don't remember. Probably Fear Factor.

Q: What is your fave piece of jewelry?
A: My wedding ring. ^_^

Q: What is to the left of you?
A: Lotsa stuff: papers, the printer, the phone, a card from Mira, a Post-it pad, my cell and it's charger, a candle, a flashlight, a book, a pen, my hair pick, an old contact case, a nail file, and a Tupperware box filled with electronic-type stuff. (See, told ya!)

Q: What was the last thing you ate?
A: A sandwich, with turkey and cheese.

Q: Who last imed you?
A: Breka, actually. This past weekend.

Q: Where is your signifigant other right now?
A: Playing Ratchet & Clank in the living room.

Q: Do you have a crush?
A: Um, how 'bout a husband?

Q: What shampoo do you use?
A: Currently, Dove.

Q: When was the last time you cut your hair?
A: Don't remember when...

Q: Are you on any meds?
A: Nope, but a few vitamins, supplements, etc.

Q: Do you have a mental disease?
A: Just occasional blonde moments.

Q: What shirt are you wearing?
A: A green 3/4 sleeve.

Q: What time is it?
A: 6:09 p.m.

Q: What is your fave frozen treat?
A: Ice cream, preferably with chocolate in there somewhere.

Q: Are you sexy?
A: Mira thinks I am, and I have an even 8 at hotornot.com, so I guess so.

Q: What's your favorite shopping store?
A: Can't beat Wal*Mart.

Q: Are you thirsty?
A: Very. Excuse me for a minute...

Q: Can you imagine yourself ever getting married?
A: I've been living it for a year and eight months. ^_^

18 November 2004

Reading "The Shirley Letters"

I stumbled across an interesting blog of sorts when looking for information for my hammy, Popcorn. It's called The Shirley Letters and it's written from a hamster's POV. I've only read the first couple letters and it's pretty funny. Check it out for a few laughs!

17 November 2004

Sin in a Large Glass and a big Surprise!

JR called last Thursday and said that he was planning a surprise birthday party for Lar on Tuesday. So after school yesterday, I went to my mom's and Lar and the crew came over to do laundry. I told her that I had things to do this week so I'd be making my weekly visit that day. "In that case, you can come with me and mom for a girl's night out." So when mom got home, we gathered and went to Target to get some presents for Brooke, who fell asleep half way through the trip.
Finished with some shopping, we headed out to Steak N Shake for dinner. Lar invented "Sin in a Large Glass", which was a side-by-side shake with regular chocolate, white chocolate (one of the Christmas time flavors), and a shot of hot fudge. Man, that was great! We were finished by 7:30, which was when we were supposed to have Lar back at her place. But she needed to switch some laundry loads, so we went back to mom's and did that. While she was busy, JR called and asked us what was going on. I told him I wasn't sure when we were leaving, so he said he was on his way to get us. He offered to "take me home" when he got there, and as we were getting ready to pull out of the driveway, he told Lar that we needed to get back to their place real quick so he could get his license, which he "forgot". "I'm not about to go to T's place without it." So when we got there, he asked if she could help him find it. I stayed and waited until they walked in the door and everyone yelled "Surprise!", then got Brooke out and joined the festivities.
There was cake and ice cream, but I was too full from dinner to eat anything all night. Well, except for a fun size Snicker bar I thought I had room for (just barely). Somebody had procured a Sponge Bob piñata, so everyone took turns whacking the crap (well, candy) out of him. I was holding Brooke at one point, and she pointed to the piñata and said, "Owie." But she did think it was funny watching her mommy whacking at Sponge Bob for all it's worth. ^_^
We had a pretty good crowd. Moueska and Drac, Kristen, Von and Drew, and a couple that I know I've seen before, but I'm so bad with names that I don't remember who they are, and of course Lar and JR's housemate Carl. Not sure why Jess didn't come. I had talked to her earlier that day, but didn't think to ask her if she was going; I just assumed she was. She was at Mike's, so I guess they went out. That's always fun.
Lar was pretty surprised. She knew it was coming, she just wasn't sure when. She's talking about getting a group together to go out to Wild Country on her birthday. That'll be cool.

11 November 2004

On "Cloud" Nine

I'm so happy! Today in my voice class, our teacher had a bunch of sheet music books, and she wanted us to look through them and see if there were any songs in them that we'd be interested in performing at the end of the semester for our final. So I went through four or five books, looking for songs that would be easy for me to sing. I didn't know any Beatles songs, I didn't know any of the jazzy songs, some of the musical songs were too high, and the Disney songs that I wanted to sing would be too high. Drat! I thought all hope was lost. That it, until I saw somebody put a book in the middle of the room with the title Les Miserables! Could be promising!
My three favorites were "Castle on a Cloud", "I Dreamed a Dream", and "On My Own", respectively. They weren't too low or too high, but just right. I wanted "Castle" because it was short, was a bit hesitant about "Dream" because there's so much to it, and I'd always wanted to sing "Own" because hey, now that I have classes under my belt, I might be able to do well, but it's so long! (That's quite a run-on sentence...) She played through the first part of "Castle" and heard me sing to it, and said that it would be perfect for me. Woohoo!
So I now have a song for my final. I'm so happy! I guess I'd better get over to Nottleman's or Sam Goody to get the music. Or maybe the songbook is at the library, and I could make a copy of it. I'd better get crackin' on it so I can practice... Man, if I could do a cartwheel, I'd do a bunch of 'em! But hey, it's the net, and I can do anything I want, right? Stand back!
*cartwheel! cartwheel! cartwheel! cartwheel! cartwheel!* Yeah! ^_^

10 November 2004

Cute little counter!

I was on the iVillage boards today, and somebody had a cute counter at the bottom that caught my eye. It's a wedding anniversary counter! The website had wedding announcements and baby announcements as well. So of course, I got one for this blog. It's way the heck at the bottom, but to save you from scrolling all the way down, here it is:
daisyPath Anniversary
Is that cute or what?

08 November 2004

Just heard the sad news...

Howard Keel, star of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, has passed away at the age of 85. We will all miss him terribly.

07 November 2004

Thanks to Moueska for the list and to Breka for encouraging the chain! ^_^

Last Cigarette: Don't smoke.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Don't drink.
Last Car Ride: Home from a friend's.
Last Kiss: Just this afternoon.
Last Good Cry: On a crummy, stressful day.
Last Library Book: I don't remember.
Last book bought: That either.
Last Book Read: The Belle of Nauvoo
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: I think Spiderman 2...
Last Movie Rented: Hmm, what was that?
Last Cuss Word Uttered: I don't swear.
Last Beverage Drank: Water
Last Food Consumed: Sugar-free vanilla pudding. Yum!
Last Phone Call: A lady from church, calling to see why my MIL wasn't there.
Last TV Show Watched: Don't remember...
Last Time Showered: This morning.
Last Shoes Worn: My zip up High Lights boots.
Last CD Played: Loreena McKennit
Last Item Bought: I don't remember. (Seems to be a pattern...)
Last Download: "Whatever U Want" by Christina Millian (What? I like the beat!)
Last Annoyance: My alarm clock this morning...
Last Soda Drank: Does pink lemonade count? Otherwise, I think it was Canada Dry ginger ale.
Last Thing Written: My response to the last question. Oh, do you mean like pen and paper? A comment in my journal (yes, there are paper journals ^_^).
Last Key Used: "."
Last Words Spoken: "Gimme a minute!"
Last Sleep: Last night, of course!
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Rocky Road at my mom's this weekend.
Last Chair Sat In: My kitchen chair
Last Webpage Visited: Moueska's webpage, to get this list. Thanks, kiddo! ^_^

02 November 2004

This is a drawing of me by Mira. Posted by Hello
(I'm testing Hello! from Picasa, in association with BloggerBot.)
Don't forget to vote!

31 October 2004

Happy Halloween!

Friday night I went to a Halloween party at church. I was dressed all in black, so Mira dressed all in blue and we went as a bruise. ^_^ Saturday night, I went with my folks to their church Halloween party, and I went as "Cat" Ballou. I know, you're thinking, "What? I don't get it..." Well, I was just going to wear all black again, but my mom suggested I use a tail and ears she had and go as a cat. When I went to get the gear, I saw my dad's black cowboy hat, and that's when the inspiration struck! I also wore one of dad's belts (it was huge!) with a holster and a fake pistol. See, there was a movie made in 1965 called Cat Ballou, and it was about a gal whose father is murdered and she seeks revenge, all with two "minstrels" (Stubby Kay and Nat 'King' Cole) singing a ballad about her. I've never seen all of it, but my dad and Von's mom(who was there on Saturday) assure me that it's a funny movie, so I'll take their word for it. I was going to go to Lar's this evening, but I felt very nervous and unsure anytime I thought about going. (I'm sorry I didn't come, sis!) Most likely, nothing bad will have happened since I didn't go, but you can never be too careful. Hope everybody has (had) a good time!

27 October 2004

I love my hubby!

It's the little things in life that make you happy. Mira got home from the mall, he had gone to buy a new video card, and he told me he got me something. Something for me? How sweet! And boy was it! He said he had gone through the Hallmark store and saw this card that he thought would be nice. It brought me to tears, it was so sweet! It was a cute card by a lady named LeeAnn Ahem, and it was about seeing "an old couple holding hands" and "look[ing] forward to the privilege of growing old and holding hands". Awh!
Is there any wonder I love this man?

26 October 2004

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

They showed it tonight on ABC, a staple for quite a number of years now (copyright 1966). I was a bit upset, though. The TV versions of anything are hardly as good as the originals, and it was no exception this time. They totally blew off Charlie Brown's missed football kick, which is just not right! Not only that, but they didn't add Snoopy dancing with Schroeder's piano at the Halloween party. They did have the extended trick-or-treat scene, though. But big whoop. I'm just glad that they didn't cut Sally's "fury and a woman scorned" scene, which I've had memorized since I was at least Sally's age.

23 October 2004

Wishful thinking

I actally penned this at my mom's, since I had no way to post it on the net.

"I'm at my parents', listening to the Chicago soundtrack. The battery on my GBASP is low, or I'd be playing that. Meanwhile, it's fun to lip sync to the music, imagining that it's really my voice doing all the work. What is that effect that music, especially from a musical, has on me? It brings out my inner performer. Too bad my inner performer still can't sing and dance worth a darn. ^_^
Ah, the Cell Block Tango. Recently #10 on MSN's Top 10 Dance Sequences of All Time. Hey, at least it made it to the list. Of course the #1 sequence was Singin' in the Rain from the musical of the same name. No big surprise.
There are times I wish I had a great voice and could dance better. But until then (probably never), I'll just have to live with my fantasy."

19 October 2004

Phantom News!

The Phantom of the Opera is due here in the US 22 December for a limited time. Then it'll be back 21 January 2005. (The UK gets to see it a full 12 days before we do! So unfair...)
I decided to check IMDb and see if they had any updates on the movie, and there was this poster that intrigued me so much on another site. Man I really wanna see this movie!

11 October 2004

Spinal cord research spokesman and Superman dead at 52

Moueska beat me to it, but I'll post anyway. Christopher Reeve died yesterday at the age of 52. He had slipped into a coma after a cardiac arrest and never came out of it. My condolences to his family and friends.

09 October 2004

Page 23, sentence 5 meme
(I saw this on a blog of a guy/gal that left a comment on Moueska's blog, and thought it would be a fun thing to do.)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

My meme: "Or they may be converted into syrups by heating them with sugar or honey, making them more palatable for children." This was taken from Traditional Home Remedies by Martha White and the editors of The Old Farmer's Almanac. I don't know how this book came into my posession. I must have packed it with my other books before I got married. It's pretty cool. There's recipes on how to make rose water and sleep pillows and stuff like that.

06 October 2004

Yet another mournful day in Hollywood

Rodney Dangerfield may finally be getting some respect. He passed away yesterday at the age of 82. The world says "Goodbye" to one of the biggest comedians of our time.

05 October 2004

Thoughts on Halloween

26 more days until the spooikest day of the year and I'm still thinking of a costume. I though going as Morticia Addams would be kinda neat, but Lar thinks I may be too short. Oh well. Mira's growing out a goatee, just to see what it looks like. It works, so far. He's kinda thinking about going as Gordon Freeman, from the video game Halflife. I think he'd make a sexy Gomez though; he pulled off a mobster pretty well last year. But we'll see.

I got to thinking this afternoon about all the Halloween cartoons I've seen as a kid. We had a tape of different cartoons that we'd watch every year. I don't think I watched it last year, as I was away and married and didn't have the video. But when I go visit my family this week, I think I'll watch it. It started off with some Disney cartoons (not movies), then got into the good stuff. I don't remember the exact order, but it did have It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (which I know practically by heart), Garfield's Halloween Adventure, and a couple Halloween specials done by The Wonderful World of Disney when it was on tv back in the 80's. One of the Disney ones had the cartoon The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on it. I loved it.

On the radio: "Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child

04 October 2004

A few announcements

Happy birthday to my good friend Mel! She turns 21 today, and is now a full-fledged adult! Welcome to the club, girlie. ^_^

Hollywood mourns a loss today. Janet Leigh, known for the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller Psycho, passed on yesterday as a result of vasculitis (inflammmation of the blood vessels). She was 77. (Did you know that one of her two daughters is Jamie Lee Curtis? I didn't until today. If you look at a recent picture of Janet, you can kinda tell. Well, I can.)

On the radio: "So Far Away" by Staind

21 September 2004

Boo! Halloween Season already?

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to the radio and a haunted house commercial came on. A day or so before that, the Johhnie Brock's and Spirit store billboards were up. And Pepsi released it's Mountain Dew Pitch Black on 21 August. Guess it's time to start thinking about autumn leaves, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and parties. Sure, it's not for another 40 days, but it never hurts to plan ahead.
So, what to do for Halloween? Last year, I found a sorceress-looking dress, put on a necklace I had with a Celtic design, and was a... something. But it looked pretty good. Mira was a very sexy mafioso, if I do say so myself. ^_^ (Not that I'm partial because he's my husband or anything...) My neice Book is going to be a biker baby, according to Lar. Now that's gonna be cute.
Well, I'm sure I'll find something eventually. Happy haunting, um hunting.

19 September 2004

Joe's Apartment

Wierdest freakin' movie I have ever seen in my entire life!

14 September 2004

Rx for the blues...

Oh my crap. If you're in a bad mood, I have just the thing to make you feel better about yourself. Watch "Totally Obsessed" on VH1. They get the wierdest wackos on this show! On tonight's show (a repeat), there's a guy obsessed with Pacman, a woman who would love to weigh 600 lbs, a Peter Pan enthusiast, a guy who collects his belly button lint, and a couple who have decorated their house to look just like the house the Munsters live in. They even dress up as Herman and Lily.
Now, the Munster people, that's more normal than the rest. The Pacman guy has every single Pacman game on every single video game system, a whole bunch of Pacman toys, mugs, shirts, etc. and, get this, has spent a total of about $10,000 playing the arcade game whenever he goes out anywhere. *sigh*

[On Musicmatch Radio: "Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Clean)" - Eve]
I'm complete again!

(Footloose is on!) I feel so much better now. I called JBR, and they said that my rings were back. So off we went to the mall.
Similar to what was once two lonely people that were joined together as one, so were my engagement and wedding bands. Wow, it looks good! Nice and shiny and pretty and... together. ^_^ Less slipping, and they're always together. I love it. I'll have to take it off to sleep, but that's okay. I have my defense back. Back off guys! I'm taken!

11 September 2004

Relief! (On Musicmatch Radio: Criminal - Fiona Apple)

Good news! I get to keep the tooth! It's growing up nice and straight, and I have just enough room for it. I'm sore because the gum around it is infected, so I just have to keep taking antibiotics and aspirin for the pain. The left one, however, looks like it might be impacted, but we'll deal with that when it starts giving me trouble.

I'm a nervous wreck because I got to drive the majority of the way home, on the highway no less. I almost hit a guy when I got to the 255/270 split, and I forgot to signal that I was changing lanes near Hampton, but other than that, trying to stay in my lane, and the brakes acting funny, I did pretty good. FIL needed to drop off something so we stopped there, which was close to home, and he drove the rest of the way to see how the brakes were. He said I did pretty good, despite being nervous. I'll be driving in no time! Maybe...

10 September 2004

D'ow! (On Musicmatch Radio:I Don't Wanna Know - Mario Skeeter Winans)

I've been in pain for a few days now. My bottom right wisdom tooth (#32, third molar) has been pushing itself up through my gums, but I haven't had any pain until earlier this week when I really noticed how much it had grown. I think my jaw is too small, and I'll have to have it removed. It helps to live with a dentist. I 'm going to see him tomorrow at the office, where he can use his equipment to make a better judgement.
All I know is that it hurts, especially after I wake up. I can't chew on the right side, and I have to be careful when I brush my teeth. On a few occasions, I've taken Gly-Oxide (which really helps get rid of canker sores) and put a drop on the tooth and the area around it. Remember as a kid when you'd mix vinegar and baking soda, and it foamed up real fast, kinda like a volcano? That's what it's like. Lots of germs in there. My FIL's got me taking amoxicillin a couple times a day to fight bacteria, and I'm taking aspirin to dull the pain. I might have the procedure done tomorrow, I might have it done sometime next week. We'll have to wait and see. I hope this doesn't interfere with my voice class...

07 September 2004

I feel so naked!

No, I'm not actually naked, but I feel like it. Today, we've been married a year and a half, and I finally went yesterday to get my rings soldered. The guy (same guy who sold us our wedding rings and a watch/pocket flashlight to Mira) said that they should be ready by next Wednesday. So for the next week (and two more days of classes), I have to be careful and carry a stick with me to hit off all the guys who will be falling on me when they see that I don't have a wedding ring on my left hand 's ring finger. (Like I get that even with my rings on.)

Speaking of wedded bliss, a friend of mine had her wedding reception on Sunday. I didn't go because I had a previous engagement that I needed to attend to. Congrat's anyway, Rhema!

29 August 2004

Recent news: Good, Bad, and In between

Good news! Von (a.k.a. D'arcy) has announced her engagement to her Drew this week over at Mental Babblings! No date has been set as of yet, but I am excited to see life going so well for her. Congrats, sweetie!

Bad news. Former Conductor of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Hans Vonk passed away today. He was 63. I read it at StLToday.com this evening. Quoting the paper: "Maestro Vonk conducted his last performances with the Symphony on May 3 and 4, 2002, Mahler's Symphony No. 4 in G major". My senior year in high school, I went with the Music Club to see him conduct the SLSO in Beethoven's 5th symphony, along with a few other numbers. My condolences go to his family at this time.

As for in between, school started last week for me, as well as for others. It's not too bad, I guess. Voice is pretty neat, my teacher's nice, so that's ok. Comp II is ok. It focuses on argument; that might be a good asset to life.

More as it develops, I guess. Better get started on those voice exercizes. Mi, me, ma, mo, mu...

23 August 2004

Good enough!

Mira was able to give me the old video card that I had before, then reinstall everything, and now I'm up and running again. Woo! Color me happy. ^_^

Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a while.
First off, my classes start tomorrow for me, and one of them is writing intensive. Speaking of which, I need to find my backpack... Sheesh.
The other reason is pretty major. Our computers are all screwed up! Mira thought his video card was busted, so he used mine and I used an older one. Well, that wasn't the problem so we switched back. Then we both started having trouble with the drivers! That, and he thinks he might need either another motherboard for his, or to replace the computer and casing entirely! Our computers will work for just a little bit, then the screen fuzzes up or something equally aggravating happens. We plan on reformatting later today to see if that helps.
So if you don't see me on messenger or see any posts for a while, you have an idea why.

17 August 2004

It's about time!

Since Mira's probably not going to be better by next Tuesday when school starts, he's going to have to drop his classes. That means that for a while, I'm going to have to get my MIL to drop me off and pick me up until I get my license. Yep, I'm finally buckling down and learning how to drive. My FIL ensures me that I will get a lot of time learning, and when I'm finally official, then I can use his red automatic egg, instead of our teal manual egg.
This means that I have to go renew my permit, which actually expired a couple months ago. Thankfully, I called the license office this afternoon, and they said that I could still renew it without having to retake the test. *whew* That's good. So, hopefully I'll be street legal by the end of the year. Wish me luck, folks!

10 August 2004

Movie Excitement!

I am so excited to see this rolling along! If anybody has not heard about the remake of C.S. Lewis's children's classic The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, you've been missing out! In 1988, film versions of four of the Chronicles of Narnia were turned into TV movies, the kind you see on PBS. The remake of the first movie is due out in 2005. Feel free to browse the two links below!
The Official Website

Guess what we bought! I've been waiting for this! Garfield and Friends, Volume 1 @ Wal*Mart for $25!
24 episodes of Garfield/US Acres goodness on three discs! And more are coming soon! A d'yay! D'woo! ^_^ (OK, composing myself...)

Also, there has been a death in Hollywood. Fay Wray, the legendary damsel in distress, famous for her role as Ann Darrow in screen classic King Kong, has passed away at the ripe old age of 96. Condolences to her family at this time.

02 August 2004


Another funny website! A parody of "This Land" by Woody Guthrie, starring Bush & Kerry.
(*Note: For those concerned with language, there is some here and there, but not too much. Hey, you never know who'll stumble onto this website...)

Sorry I haven't said a whole lot recently. Here's what's happened lately:
Von turned 20 on 25 July! Congrats, sweetie!
Moueska has moved! She's now far far away... *sniff* Well, not too far. Maybe a good half hour away... But still!
Lar is moving in with her in-laws this next week, and JR comes home Thursday. Good luck!
My nephew gets married on Saturday! Woo!
Went on a trip with my family to Nauvoo. We had a nice suite! Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchenette!
Mira (M's new nickname for blog purposes) & I are getting up early and going to bed early now to a) get ready for school, and b) because he needs to. It helps him feel a bit better, which is great.

That's probably about it. Oh, I was notified that all the links from my previous post were somehow all linked back to my homepage. Sucks! Just go to bored.com and look under "TV & Movies" for the Evil Overlord link. There's subsections there to scrounge through. Have fun!

27 July 2004

Bored.com has some really great suff. The other day, it was Get Annoyed, where you could find fun things to do that really cheese people off. Today, it's Evil Rulers.com. I've only read If I Were the Evil Overlord, but I like what I've seen so far. If you have some time on your hands and/or you need a laugh, you just might enjoy this.

26 July 2004

This is a great website. 'Nuff said.

18 July 2004

Fly me up to where you are...

A handful of us went and saw Josh Groban tonight. That was such a great concert! It was me, my MIL, Lar, her MIL, and our mom. The tickets we had were for nosebleed heaven. On the way up the escalator, we saw a guy waiting at the top with tickets in his hand. "Ya want tickets for closer?" *eyebrows raise* He had tickets that were closer to the stage! How could we pass it up?! "What's the catch?" "No catch." Closer seats, here we come!
We kept our other tickets just in case these turned out to be fake or something. But as luck would have it, we had good seats. There was another empty row in front of ours and a few behind, so a couple of us spread out. The first act was a saxist named Mindy Aebair (?), and she was pretty good. She did about six songs, then there was a twenty minute intermission. My MIL got up to stretch her legs and walk around a bit, and found about eight rows of seats two sections over that were empty. So she asked some people sitting in the area if the seats were taken. "No, nobody has sat here yet." So off we went again, two sections to the left and a row forward. The stage could be seen a lot more clearly now. Yay!
Josh seemed like a very personable person. Some girls in the back yelled out, "We love you!" and he said, "Uh, thanks! I wish I had better things to say, but thanks!" At one point, he said that he was close enough to touch people's hands, and a lady in the front row held out her hand and he shook it. "Yes! Everybody else is always like, 'No...', but you guys. I just want to touch you..." So a couple others held out their hands and he shook them. He did five songs that I was not familiar with, but the rest I knew very well. He came back for two mini encores. The first time, he performed a song that Paul Simon did, then left. The second time he came back out ("Oh you guys! You guys are collectively, The Man!") and did another song that I liked, and that was that.
We had a great time! When we were trying to get out, we drove by this empty parking lot that had a limo in it, and there was a guy that we figured was him, getting his picture taken with a girl. We weren't going anywhere quickly (concert traffic, you know?), so Lar yells out the window, "Marry me!" Then her MIL yells out, "No, don't do it! Run, Forrest, run!" Even if it wasn't him, we sure got some attention. He looked back and had this look that probably said, "What the crap?" (Mr. Groban, if you ever see this, we were just kidding! We're not really like that. Well, most of the time... ^_^)

14 July 2004

Relief in sight?

My FIL may have something that can make my husby feel better. He wrote out a prescription for a muscle relaxant for him. He took it last night and was totally out of pain! He was a bit nauseous this morning and slightly dizzy (side effects), which prompted him to get up about nine this morning. He was only nauseous for a bit though; as the morning wore on, he began to feel better. He took another one this morning to see how that would affect him. So far, he seems to be okay. It lasted him a good twelve hours or so. I rubbed his back last night before we went to bed, and his left shoulder was just a field of knots. This morning, nothing. No knots! I was a bit worried though. My dad had problems when he went off of vellum (needed it for some pain he was having), and I was worried that this might happen with M. He said not to worry, that he would be okay. I trust him.

Popcorn has just been having the time of his life recently. We got him one of those run around balls, and we put him in there and let him run around during dinner, sometimes even lunch or something. He likes it, but always wants to get into corners, especially in my miles office/sewing room, where he hides behind the sewing cabinet. He actually got out this morning! I went to look for him and the ball was back there, the lid was off, and no Popcorn! The little villain! I opened the bottom drawer to see if maybe he squeezed in there, and M saw him under the drawer! So I slowly closed it and out he ran. We gave him a tiny slice of apple, and he seemed to like that. He's just so cute! When I figure out how to put pictures up, I'll post one of him.

In the meantime, we're gonna go and register for the swim club at the hotel near the house, then M's friend is coming over later and they'll game to their heart's content, while I put in an appearance at my folks'. I have a bag of stuff I keep meaning to bring back to them and keep forgetting about. I will do it this time. I promise! ^_^

13 July 2004

The Voice of T... Revealed!

I just set up audioblogger. Finally, The Voice of T is revealed! View my complete profile, if you dare! Mwahahahaha! Um, uh, I mean, .

10 July 2004

And the name is...
Popcorn! *dadaaaa!* Why exactly did we name him Popcorn? Because when he burrows under his bedding, he pops up and looks like popcorn, especially when the bedding pops up with him.
P.S. Moueska, Fuzzy was a cute idea! Get Fuzzy, heehee...

09 July 2004

New pet!

M & I had been discussing it for a while, and finally went ahead and did it. We bought a cute little dwarf hamster! We haven't named him yet, but he's the cutest little thing. We got him at Petsmart when we went to return a filter for one of our aquariums. We also bought two rosy reds for the 10-gallon.
Well, sorry for the short post. Talk atcha later!

08 July 2004

I saw Cats at the Muny!

A couple friends got to meet Ken Page, who reprised his role as Old Deuteronomy, and got his autograph and those of a couple other actors. I wanted to, but I figured the actors were tired and wanted to go rest, so I just hung back. But I did get to see Ken Page, not upclose but close enough, and that was enough for me. He's a local boy, which had to be neat for him. I mean, repeising a tole that you originated in your hometown. That must have been good for him.

I saw one of my brothers-in-law and his family. We all landed in the free seats and passed around binoculars. Mom had also packed us up with food and drinkage. The performance was excellent. Judy McLane portrayed Grizabella wonderfully. She gave me chills with the lines, "Touch me! It's so easy to leave me alone with the memories of my days in the sun." They did Growltiger's Last Stand, which I had never seen before, and that was excellent. Lar's sister-in-law was gaga over Jim Newman as Munkustrap. Some of Von's guy friends were very impressed with The Rum Tum Tugger, as played by David Hibbard. Overall, I was pleased with the whole thing. The bathroom line was ridiculous, and I missed the first 8-10 minutes of the second act as a result, but other than that, it was a good night.

I would love to be in musical theatre, especially Cats, if I could get away with it. I've got the acting down pretty good, and I can be an expressive singer. However, I cannot carry the bucket the tune is in, I had a rough time trying to get my choreography down for the two high school musicals I did, and I'm not that flexible. I'm taking a voice class this next semester to see how well I can do, and if I do okay, I might take Voice II after that, but it all depends. My mom says my tones are good, but I don't always get the notes right. I concur! That's why I'm taking the class; to better myself. As for dancing, I think I could do well. The problem I see is that a lot of the dancing one sees in theatre is probably ballet, or has some balletesque feel to it, and I'm not so sure I could do that well. But hey, one can imagine.

01 July 2004

Everybody loves Aunt T!

I stayed at my mom's last night. It was good to be with my family. I hadn't planned on staying; One of M's friends came over to hang out, and I figured I would pop over for a few hours. But then I called home and M said that my glasses (I got new frames to wear at home) were in and his back was hurting, so would it be okay if I stayed with my family, then he'd pick me up the next day and we'd get my glasses on the way home? Sounded good to me, so I borrowed a nightgown from my mom and stayed up most of the night on the internet, then fell asleep on the couch for a few hours.

My sister woke me up around eight or so and said she had to run out really quick, and could I watch me neice, who was still asleep? I went in and Book was asleep, so I curled up next to her for a while. Then she woke up, looked around a bit, popped her pacifier in her mouth and curled up next to me. She must have slept for another half an hour or so, then woke up before Lar got home. Later, Lar had to go out again. My brother held Book for a while, then gave her to me while I was playing solitaire. After playing a few rounds, she had fallen asleep and I tried to put her down in her crib. No such luck, she started crying, and I took her into the living room and lied down on the couch with her for about 45 minutes. M came to get me about threeish or so so we could go to Wal*Mart, then home. I made the mistake of going to wave bye-bye to Book. She started screaming and crying! So I went to her and held her a bit, then gave her to Lar. When she saw that I was leaving, she started up again! I started to cry! I saw her at the front door looking out when we were leaving and she had the saddest look on her face. Man, if I'm this bad leaving my neice, I can only imagine leaving my kids will be like.

22 June 2004

Knowledge is Power!

I kid you not! It helps to have a friend who knows what you need to do to make something fit, and to have a source that tells you how to do it! I still have my website at Tripod, and it's okay for that, but the blog program wasn't all that great in my opinion. But I still refer to Webmonkey if I need help with html. Saves Moueska from having to tell me how to do a lot of it.

21 June 2004

I have PMS and a gun... Now what did you say?

I hate this, I really do. I have been very moody today. Snippy, to be exact. Feels like a good day on The Pill. I heard Meredith Brooks played on Music Match, and just had to sing along. Felt good...

We've been informed about something they just started doing at the Best Western near the house. For 6 months, M & I can go swim whenever we want at the pool and use the jacuzzi, for $125. We're still deciding whether we'd want to. It'd be nice if it included a room to change in, shower, etc. We'll go and ask some questions and then decide. It'd be nice, and it's very close! M thinks that swimming would help him get moderate exercise and be good for his back. So we'll see.

Went to the reunion this weekend. I had motion sickness for the first time in a long time on the way there, and slightly on the way back. I also got a little sun, despite the sun only coming out every ten minutes or so. Too bad that clouds don't block it out entirely... I had some fun though. Discussed genealogy with a great-uncle, my dad, my brother, and a great-aunt. I didn't swim in the Current river, but I did wade and found three interesting rocks. My dad went fishing with a cousin of his, and my brother had a couple girls that thought he was "a hottie" float by him down the river. He also made friends with some cousins. Lots of food to be had.

I don't know what the deal with Open Diary is. I have two friends that I check on, and I can't get to them, not even the main page. Sucketh...

My in-laws are leaving again. They'll leave tomorrow afternoon and come back Sunday. There's two family reunions out in Utah this week. M & I would go, but he doesn't fare well with the dry climate, and I want to stay with him. This should be fun.

17 June 2004

More Than $2 Billion to Public Education & Missouri!

So how much does my school district get out of it? A quarter?
Really now, I wonder why they make all the hoopla out of how great gambling is and how the community benefits from it. If it's true that some of the money that comes from gambling goes to the schools, then why did my school district have to keep passing bond issues to get money to advance technologically? I see it in other districts around me as well. "Thanks for passing Propositon P"! "Prop B passed! Way to go !" "Thank you voters for passing Proposition T!" I mean really. I don't see any benfits to the casinos in my community. Yeah, there's more jobs, that's true. But that's probably about it. Then there's litter on the streets from losing tickets, people who lost hundreds of dollars trying to win thousands; some people are lucky enough to win, and even that comes at a price.
I think that besides the increase in jobs, the only thing worth going to a casino for is $5 steak and lobster dinners. Oh yeah...

14 June 2004

I may be a Piscean, but...

I good swimmer, I am not.
I'm rewriting this. I had it all worked out, then for some weird reason, my page up and left me. And I hadn't saved it! Argh! So, to make a long story short, we went to Johnson's Shut Ins today and had a great time! We ate lunch on the way home because of the "friendly" buzzy bugs. The stingy ones, especially. The current was mighty, the rocks were slippery, and some of the pools too deep, but we had fun. There was this big rock slanted on some other rocks that made a small cave. We hid for a few minutes from the sun in there. Very cozy. We had to fill up the tank before we set out, then again at the same station on the way home. From fill up to fill up, it was a 173 mile trip. Just about four hours total in the car.

I think we might have a few more fry. I'm sure I saw three more last night. Until they grow up, we're not sure exactly what species they are. They're illegitimate fry! Our two guppies are supposed to be male, and neither of them looked pregnant anyway. We had another guppy, but it distappeared. I suspect the platy, before she died. M suspects the neons. Might even be the rasboras or the gourami. We had another gourami and a tetra, but we took them back when we found the fry. I guess we'll have to wait to see them grow up.

JR left this morning for basic. I hope everything goes ok with him. I freak out whenever my husband goes anywhere without me, driving wise, I can only imagine how Lar must be feeling for her husband to be gone for ten weeks, in any wise. Kiddo, if you need a shoulder, I'm available!

I guess our next big adventure will be to Meramec Springs. Well, unless we go to the family reunion this weekend, that is. The Current River. This is where my grandma (dad's mon) grew up. Very swift river. Very interesting family to go with it...

12 June 2004

Congrats! It's sextuplets!

Who am I talking about? Certainly not me, that's for sure! It's our guppies, The Cheat and Firebert (don't ask me which is which gender). I got up and looked into the tank this afternoon and thought to myself, "That's one lively piece of fish poop..." I got a closer look and noticed that it had fins! And eyes! Then I saw another one! Turns out we have six baby guppies. We have fry! How cuuuuute! As far as we know, there's six. If there's more, they like to hide. Now we have to find out what we need to do to take care of them. They're so cute and tiny! So tiny in fact, they get hard to see off by themselves. Usually they hang out in groups of two or more. Some will go off by themselves, but I think the bigger fish scare them and then they huddle together. They're so cute!
Now mom and pop guppy tend to hang around each other a whole lot more. They must want more...

10 June 2004

Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind, or There's Nothing To Do

I'm at my parents' home on their computer with a kitten attacking my feet. I've got a hole in the heel of my right purple with white stars sock that I didn't notice until I got to Wal*Mart to meet my mom and brother. She's looking to get curtains for the kitchen windows and getting rid of the big white shudders. I think it's a good idea, as it'll let the room look nicer and more open. Lar, her new husband, and their baby are at the other Grandma's, and I'm here. My clothes in the dryer might already be dry.

So, since I'm not tired, I'm on the computer and blogging, only because I've checked all the websites I needed to and the battery on my GameBoy went kaput on me. Since my staying the night was impromptu, I don't have anything with me that I need, like the charger for my phone (although I can borrow my dad's) or my GameBoy. I had to borrow a big nightshirt from my mom, plus a contact case and solution. Mom wants to go to Penney's or something tomorrow (she has the week off) and look for some curtains there.

We went to Syberg's for dinner this evening. M wasn't there, but I was, along with my family, JR and Brooke, and two aunts, an uncle, and a cousin, who left to go back out west about an hour or so ago. I got a shark steak, which was so awesomely good I couldn't finish it. So I'll take it back home with me because I told M that I'd bring him some. So he's got that, some fries, and a fruit cup. Yummy! ^_^ My brother decided to be a pill and hide the rest of my shark steak from me when I went to the ladies' room. Meanie. I killed him with kindness though, and gave him a backrub when we got home, which he thoroughly enjoyed. What can I say? I'm just that good. Well, according to my brother and my husband, at any rate. But that's gotta count for something, right? ^_^

Well, I hope you stuck with me on this post. Maybe I'll give a piece of gum or a cookie to anybody who finishes it all. You know, for continuing to read, despite the fact that it's just me rambling because I can't sleep. Thank you and goodnight!

08 June 2004

Weekend Nuptuals, Wizardry, and What To Do Next

The wedding was awesome. JR looked spiffy in his tux and Lar was just gorgeous. Brooke was just too adorable for words, as were the ring bearer and the train carrier. The groomsmen looked crisp in their tuxes, and the bridesmaids were all too cute for words. ^_^
I couldn't see Lar, but JR just had this look on his face that said, "I'm finally marrying the woman of my dreams". Just perfect. Now if only Brooke hadn't fallen asleep before we all filed in...

Went and saw the third Harry Potter movie. It was pretty good. It's a shame that Richard Harris died before the movie was made, but I think Michael Gambon did a good job replacing him. His voice didn't sound as soft as Mr. Harris' but he did look the part, so it worked. I liked the one ghost on the horse that ran off with another ghost's head. That was funny.

Tomorrow, weather depending, I'll go with my fam and some relatives who are in until Thursday to Syberg's. M would come along, but he has a friend coming over. Shark is so good! To me, if you were to mix chicken and fish, that would be close to shark. Very good stuff.

Something interesting needs to happen this summer. Yeah, Venus transiting with the sun is pretty cool, but I'll see it again in another eight years or so. The Josh Groban concert isn't until next month, as is the trip to Nauvoo. My sister and her family leave in August to move to Idaho, and I'll miss them terribly. Lar, be sure to keep us updated via the Goddess blog! This month is gonna take forever. That'll be good in respect to my sis moving, but not to everything else. I need some excitement, dangit!

P.S. Have you ever noticed the areas by the highways with the signs that say Prairie Rehab? Do you think that it's just an excuse to not have to cut the grass?

04 June 2004

I always cry at weddings...

Tomorrow's the day! My baby sister is getting married tomorrow! It's finally here. The day that Lar and JR say, "I do" and start their life together as husband and wife. This is sooo exciting! I remember a year and almost three months ago when M and I were married. We were so happy... I hope Lar and J are as happy as we were.

Lar, I love you! You're such a great sister. We've both grown from cute kids to beautiful women. I told M that he and J had a couple things in common: 1)They both like video (or computer) games, and 2)They both picked wonderful girls to marry. ^_^ Here's to many years of love and friendship over the years, and more in the years to come. Love ya.

JR, it's good to have you as part of the family. Good luck in the military! And take good care of my sister and niece out there in Idaho! You are the head of a beautiful family, and I hope you get that son you want, too. ^_^ (I'm not sure if you want a friendly, "Love ya" from me or not, so I'll just give you one of these

Alright everybody! Let's get out there and have that wedding! Congrats to Lar and JR!

The Infamous T

01 June 2004

New Member!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jess! We're so happy you could join us. ^_^

28 May 2004

Love is in the air...

Congrats to Moueska and Drac for one year of being the cutest couple... besides my husband and I. ^_^ Just kidding. I love ya guys! Keep it up!

Only a week until my baby sister says, "I do!" Oh the excitement! I remember a year and almost three months ago when I was in her shoes. And boy were they painful! Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Bad joke. Seriously though, good luck to the both of you, too.

Also experiencing the highs that come with love, Von has recently found herself a new man and they make such a great couple. Have fun!

In other news, we're just about done setting up our new tank. We just need to decorate more, then start introducing the fish into the new tank. Also, the new room is finished, now all we need to do is get MIL's new desk, move things from her old office into her new one, then convert the old office into the new guest bedroom and library. Hmmmmm, such excitement in our lives.

Well, unless I come up with something later, then I'll be moseying along.

26 May 2004

Our New Group Blog!

Moueska has put up a group blog for all the Goddesses! This will be neat. So far, just Moueska and I have posted, and Lar joined yesterday. Hopefully we'll get the rest soon.

After Quickdots became defunct, then usable by pay, we didn't have a way to touch base over the net besides IM. Even EZboard didn't quite work out. Now we finally have something to keep us all in touch! Woo!

The Divine Goddess

See y'all there!


17 May 2004

Weekend Update

I didn't go to my history final on Thursday. I ended up with a B anyway, so I count that as a good job. Friday we went to Radio Shack to get a new phone for M's mom. We got a nice one that came with an additional cordless that we have in our bedroom. We have it set to play Beethoven's Ninth (Ode to Joy) when it rings. "Soooo good!" Saturday, we didn't find anything we wanted at Pevely, so we checked out another inside flea market/antique store (Kohler or something like that), and didn't see anything we wanted there, either. So we went to a pet store near us that's going out of business and found a bunch of stuff for the new aquarium. Well, M did, I took a nap in the car because I was tired, as we went to sleep the night before at about two and woke up about seven in the morning.

Anyway, M's back and neck were really sore Sunday, so he didn't have to play the organ. We had to take in another class because their teacher had to work, so there were eight others plus one of ours. Yikes! Nine kids is way too much for us to handle. And there was only one girl, poor thing, with eight boys. After church, we went to a friend of M's for a BBQ. He's leaving today to see his fianceé in Oregon, and he'll be staying with her parents while she stays with a friend for two months until they get married there. They're coming back here in late July for a small reception. Good luck you guys!

The addition is coming along nicely. Cabinets are being put in the new room upstairs, and Friday one of my BIL's came to help my FIL set up an exercise machine in the new room downstairs. We're moving some stuff around and hopefully we'll have everything done by the end of the month. That's all the exciting news here. I get to pick up my bridesmaid dress this Friday and I'm looking forward to Lar's wedding in less than a month! Hard to believe it's almost here. She's having a bridal shower this Saturday that she briefly mentioned in passing to me, so I'll have to call mom and get the details. Wedding excitement!

By the by, Jess brought this up in a comment on my last post. She says, "...why won't your comment thingy let me put my name and stuff up at the top?" I think it's kinda like Open Diary, in that you have to be a member to have all that done. I know when I want to post a comment, I have to sign in to Blogger. Until I can figure out how to use a diiferent comment system, I'll just use this. They switched on the new templates to xml from html, and I have no clue as to what I'm doing. Moueska, if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. (Thanks in advance!)

14 May 2004

Schoooools out... for...summer!

Aaaaaah! Finals are over and summer vacation has begun. Unfortunately, I got a D in Algebra again, so I have to write a petition to take the class a third time. Bleh. But I got a B in history, and I didn't even have to take the final. He told us that if we didn't take the final, he'd give us 10 points anyway, but it would be out of 30 points. I figured that I already had a B, and I wasn't sure I could bs my way through an essay without having material to look over, so I skipped it and got a B anyway. Works for me!
We already picked out our classes for the fall semester, and all we have to do is pay for classes and buy our books, then we won't have to worry about dealing with classes until August. I finally decided to go ahead and take a voice class (I might actually learn to hit the right notes!) and College Composition II (fancy way of saying "Writing Intensive class"), and M decided to take Design I and Introductory Horticulture.

They started some painting on the new room Thursday. It looks really good so far, and all they did was put on primer and smooth over the ceiling in the kitchen. All the stuff from the kitchen is now in the living room, but that's ok. We went to sell our books back, got some sand for the new tank, a fake anemone for decoration (one for now), and a new fish. We named him George, but he's looking kinda puny, so we might take him back, but we'll wait to see if he bounces back. We're having the new tank delivered sometime next week (hopefully), then we'll start setting it up.

We're going to try and go to the Pevely Flea Market early Saturday morning. I haven't been there in years, when a friend of mine invited me. I must have been in fourth grade or so. (Man I feel old!) But I won't bore you anymore, so I'll scuttle off now.

Have a great summer all!

The Infamous T

12 May 2004

Website of the day: Kenya Live!
To see the original, go to: Kenya!

09 May 2004

Hell Week!

Well kiddies, it's that time again! It's finals week! My algebra final is Tuesday, so I'll be studying like mad tomorrow, and I have a history final on Thursday, so more cramming on Wednesday. No more for me after 1:00 p.m. this Thursday! Summer vacation is almost here!

I was surprised to sign in and see that my blog hosting site has changed things around. Have you noticed that, Athene and Moueska? I think it's pretty neat.

Today was Mother's Day. In church, they gave all the women over 18 some flowers (impatients) and a huge chocolate bar with almonds that was absolutely wonderful. I got my mom the The Moody Blues Days of Future Past CD. She has the record, if that tells ya anything. She really seemed to like it. She gave me a cute lavendar pajama set. We went to see her snd the family today and had dinner with them. They did filet mignon on the grill with some sides. Book finally walked for me today, even walked right up to me! She's so cute. I also got to see the cute little kitten that Lar got the other day. She named her Gypsy, and she's a grey and white stripped tabby. Absolutely adorable! M even wanted to hold her before we left. "Alright," he said, "lemme see the kitten. I'll wash my hands." (He's allergic.) When we got home, one of my BIL's and his family was over visiting with my in-laws. They told us about the wedding stuff for their oldest son. Their middle child is graduating from high school soon, as are another nephew and one neice.

That's probably all the blogging I can do for now, but I'll post up more Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck in my finals! And good luck to everybody else!

04 May 2004

The news today...

I read today about a party barge that was anchored at the only public nude beach in Texas. All the people moved to one side and it started to tip, sending some party goers into the water. Roger Wade, the sheriff's spokesman in the area, "said it was unclear why the people all were on one side of the boat". Well whydaya think?! There's naked people on the beach! It's like a car wreck: you can't bear to watch, yet you can't look away.

I about choked on my breakfast bar this morning when we saw the gas prices. $1.889! That's ridiculous! I might as well buy a bike. Why bother learning how to drive now?

One of my favorite news sources is News of the Weird, by Chuck Shepherd. He finds the most interesting articles I have ever heard! A guy driving in Toronto was pulled over for practicing his violin while driving. Another Torontoan uses pieces of chewing gum to make portraits of celebrities. Talk about extra-curricular activities...

Get real. Anna Nicole is starting her own clothing line? The same woman who used to be a Playboy playmate is making a clothing line? Of what?

I haven't seen anything else that's really worth my wile, so off I go.

29 April 2004

Quick Update

Basic ideas: Took Mr. T back, too aggressive. Bought big rocks, made cave for fish. Fish recognize us as their owners: "We're not feeding you every time we pass the tank!" Guys poured new driveway, looks neat. Dad got a new computer, family happy. Home page hijacked for the third freakin' time (!), switched to Mozilla from IE. Algebra test tomorrow: HELP!! Last weekend alone with hubby, woohoo! I'm turning into my mother: Go to the store for a few things, practically fill the bottom of the shopping cart. JR's sister CJ engaged, Congrats!

*whew* Hope that's it.

Wait! TCM rocks!


27 April 2004

What the crap again?!

Now that I've checked with SquawkBox to see if I'm ok, and I've posted my last post, they've come back! This is kooky! I'm thinking maybe I should write down all my comments, just in case they go away again. Weirded out...
Hey now! What the...?!

I tried to see my new post to make sure it got on ok, and all my comments disappeared! What the crap?! This sucks! My account doesn't expire until 10 December! Why I oughtta...
More Fishy Adventures

It's been interesting since Saturday. We've gotten four other fish, taken one back and gotten another, and did some redecorating. We added two more cichlids Monday morning: a big purple one with a black stripe on his top fin that we named Stiny (short for Frankenstein, because his head kinda looked like a Frankenstein head) and a smaller purple-ish one with a blue-ish top fin that we named Spaz because he changes direction every few seconds and is very hyper.
Later we added an albino cichlid who’s about half ‘Dini’s size and another orange-ish peach cichlid and he’s probably about the size of Hurricane. The albino one we named Herbie, after The Love Bug. But later, M started calling him Kirby instead, so that name kinda stuck. The peach one we just named Dude, because when he swims, it looks like a surfer riding the waves.
After deciding that Stiny just didn't look right in the tank, M took him back and traded him for Mr. T. He is a bit bigger than the others, flesh-colored, has a yellow top fin, and in the right light, his eyes look blue. We called him Mr. T because his top fin looked like a mohawk. At first, Houdini was the lead fish. He may still be in a way, but Mr. T is working his way up. He's comandeered the tree and only lets specific fish in, depending on his mood. Last night it was only Bubbles. This morning he was generous enough to let Spaz in as well.
Today, he went and bought a background to put behind the tank that looks like rocks. It's really neat. So we're now up to seven cichlids, two rosy reds, and one betta.

Next week is my last week of classes, then finals are the week after, then I'm free!!! Woohoo! But it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, and her part is a couple scenes away. So, if you don't see me post that often (more so than usual), then wait until after 13 May. Then maybe I just might have more time to blog. That is, as soon as something interesting happens that is worth blogging about.

24 April 2004

Run of the house!

I have neglected to mention a piece of good news in my last post. It seems that our Athene is enaged! Congrats, sweetie!

As of Wednesday morning, M and I have the whole house all to ourselves! The in-laws left for Hawaii, so we'll have complete run of the house until 5 May. We haven't burned the house down (yet), but I'm confident the new additions will still be there when his folks return. And since we have use of all three vehicles, I've gotten to drive a bit! My FIL took me out driving last Friday, and M had me do a bit today. I was such a nervous wreck! Why do I get so nervous and wound up?! I don't like it one bit...

We also have a few new fish: two more cichlids (besides Hurricane) and two Rosy Reds. The three cichlids are now in a 29-gallon tank in our bedroom, and the two Reds are in a little one-gallon tank upstairs next to Betta. The other two cichlids are named Bubbles (like the fish in Finding Nemo, he likes bubbles), and Houdini (he likes to hide and pop out unexpectedly). 'Dini is the smallest, but he's practically the ringleader. We haven't named the Reds yet, but we'll probably wait for that (they were only 12¢ at PetsMart).

We saw a couple cute movies this week. Monday night we went to Fuddruckers for dinner because M's birthday was Sunday (he's 24!), and then went and saw Ella Enchanted. It's funny! Then tonight, we went and saw 13 Going on 30, which was also very cute. There were a lot of teenie boppers there to see that movie tonight (like every Friday night at Ronnie's). But we survived. I think that me, M, and some of the adults really understood some of the jokes. AS long as you know who Rick Springfield is, you should do all right. I recommend both movies, as long as you think you can stand a younger age group (think Junior high.)

Guess I'd better head off to bed. We're having a small dinner with my folks tomorrow and then I'm going to a birthday party for Bookie that Jess is throwing. Have a great weekend!

12 April 2004

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Happy Easter, everybody! Or Happy Passover. Or any celebrations this past weekend.

Sad News: Weird Al's parents have passed away. They were found in their home Friday morning, the cause being carbon monoxide poisoning. Our hearts go out to his family in this trying time.

Not So Fun News: We got some tests back from our chiro. Turns out that my darling husband M is very close to chronic fatigue syndrome. His adrenals are shot, and his cortisol levels are dangerously low. Even though he gets as much sleep as he can, he never feels rested. And since his cortisol level is so low, his body isn't healing as well as it should be, which is why his back keeps going out. We have him on some herbal sleep aids to help revitalize his sleep and build up his adrenals, and he should start to feel results in about 3-6 weeks.

Happy News: It seems that this summer is wedding season. I met my nephew's fianceé. She's such a sweeheart. Also, a friend of M's is getting married in July. We haven't met her yet, but we did see some pictures. Weddings, weddings, everywhere!

Also in the news, I'm thinking about removing the comment system on my site, at least temporarily. Too many posts have gone by without comments. I know that many are busy, but it's kinda depressing when I don't even have a dropped note saying, "Hi!" (Personal note to Von: I keep trying to leave notes on your blog, but it always says that I have logged out of the program.) Please let me know if anybody has any comments about it.

This is The Infamous T signing off. Thank you and goodnight!
Adventures in Fish-Keeping

When I first started posting this, I had a bunch written down. Then I accidentally pushed some of the wrong buttons and my page ran away! And I didn't save any of it! Crap!

Starting over: M has oficially decided that keeping fish as pets is no easy hobby. Basically, after Kitty died, we bought some new fish. We got two neon tetras and put them in with Hammy, but one died because we think he got too cold (turns out we forgot to notice that they're tropical fish) and the other one got eaten by Hammy! Cannibal!

After that, we bought a betta that we named Betta, then two African cichlids, Spitfire and Hurricane. Betta is a bluish-purple, but gets red when he fans out. He freaks out whenever he sees the multicolor light that we put near his bowl, and fans out, thinking it's another male betta. The cichlids are yellow (Hurricane) and black-white-striped with a slight purple sheen (Spitfire; I nicknamed him Kamikaze because he jumped out of the tank when we tried to clean it once). Along with that, we also have three snails: Noo-noo, Vegan, and Speedy. Then Hammy died Easter morning from ick, a disease that fish get. It involves parasites, very "icky" (no pun intended). Betta's been okay. We keep him in our bedroom and M frets over him, as it's his favorite fish.

Unfortunately, it's a bit harder to keep tropical fish in a one gallon tank without a heater (the water needs to be between 72°-78°F). After Spitfire and Hurricane give up the ghost, we'll probably just keep fish that can withstand colder temps (64°-72°F). That, or maybe we'll just get goldfish; they're only 12¢.

So, this is our adventure in fish-keeping thus far. Feel free to keep up if you wish.

04 April 2004

We dot feedies!

I know what you're all thinking. "What has she been smoking?" ^_^ Oh, you know, the usual: Nothing!

"So what's that all about", you ask? "Feedies" is what I used to call fish as a little girl. Thursday, after dropping me off at school, M (I'll just call my husband M from now on) went to Wal*Mart and got two fish: one's a small tetra who's kinda clearish-green with a green stripe on his back that we named Hambone (we wanted weird names for our fish) and a small goldfish that we named Kitty. We quickly ran into some problems, as Hammy kept nipping off bits of Kitty's tail, thinking it was a huge flake of fishfood! We transfered Kitty to a glass cookie jar that we converted into a fishbowl, but she wouldn't eat. She died this afternoon, we're sure mainly because she wouldn't eat and (as we found out this afternoon after researching online) that she didn't get enough air (we didn't have another air pump, but we had read somewhere that goldfish occasionally come up for air). We now want to buy some other fish, prefferably a betta to put in the cookie jar, and a couple other tetras that are small and have bright colored top halves that look like they glow. We found this neat store waaaay the heck down Gravois called AquaWorld, and we would recommend it for anybody in St. Louis who wants to buy a fish or two.

So what else is new? Mom has this week off, so I'm going to find out what day the girl Lar babysits is not there, and commandeer my family for a couple days. Oh! And I found out from one of my BIL's (brothers-in-law) that my oldest nephew, who is a year or so older than I am, proposed to his girlfriend and they set a date for 7 August! I'm so excited for them! He had asked her what she wanted her ring to look like, and had one custom made for her. She went with his family to visit family out west, and he proposed to her in the mountains near Bear Lake in Utah (she wanted to be proposed to in the mountains). Apparently, she had no clue as to what was going on. Yay for them!

Well folks, that's it for now. Take care and have a great day!

Website of the Day: www.kurtwenner.com

31 March 2004

Update, of sorts...

I tried on my dress today. I love it! It needs major hemming (Feet? What feet?), and a few other alterations to hide some unmentionables, but all in all, it's a great dress. I got to my folks' in time to talk to Jess for a bit. She was there to pick up her dress from my mom's, as well. Mom and my sibs and I all got our hair done (my ends needed a desperate trim) and we visited with Sheila for a bit. She's coming back 2 June and will stay until the day after the wedding.

I had fun with mom and company. We got my brother's blacklight out and were having fun with that. If you got it close enough, you could see my and Lar's contacts on our eyes; there was a purple ring around the iris. I was wearing a tie-dye Betty Boop shirt ("Don't hate me because I'm cute!") and JR was wearing a white t-shirt, and they were all lit up, and you could see all the dust on our clothes and in our hair. It was too neat!

Anyway, I should probably head off to bed, seeing as how I have to get up at 9:30. Eleven more days of class to go! Time really flies by nowadays. Bookie's going to be a year old in a month! That's just crazy.... I'm getting old!

Another Website of the Day:homepage.ntlworld.com/gaz18jf/weapon-of-choice.html

I got a call from my mom last night, and..... she has the bridesmaid dresses! I'm so excited! I'm going to try and go today to try mine on and see if I need any fittings. I just might, seeing as how they didn't have the dress in my size at David's Bridal, so I had to try on another dress that had the same basic style and fit. Moueska's should be in soon, since she had to get hers later.

A hairstylist friend of ours who recently moved to Texas (?) is coming for a visit, so my family's going to get some trimming done. My brother's gonna need it, cause his hair is poofy (Heeheeheeee! Touch the poofy!). Lar's gonna see if she can do hair for the wedding.

I had to write a paper for my history class. *clears throat* "Explain why and why not the 1920's was the beginning of modern times for America". Thing took me for freakin' ever to write today. It probably would have been easier if he wouldn't wait until two days before the paper's due, but, as somebody my hubby knew from Peru said, "What could you do?"

Well, that's mainly what I wanted to say. Nothing else I can think of, so I guess I'd better head off to bed. Talk atcha later!

P.S. If anybody can come up with a decent nickname for my husband, suggest away!

Website of the day: www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/29/

25 March 2004

Movie night!

I had a girl's night with my mom, my sister, and my mother-in-law last night, and we went and saw Calendar Girls at the cheap show. What a great movie! There were a few other groups of women in the theatre, also probably out on a girl's night. What's interesting about the plot is that it's based on a true story. It's so funny! Definitely a "chick flick", but better! As usual, when I got home, I just had to look it up on IMDb. What I found most interesting is that the women on which the movie is based had cameo appearances. I couldn't point them out if you asked me to, but they are there. All six are credited as "Highgyll W.I. Lady" on the cast list.

I have three things to look forward to. My last day of class is 8 May, Lar's wedding is 5 June, and my husband and I are going with my family to see the final City of Josephpageant in Nauvoo, Ill. 28 July. Our dresses are in and hopefully we can get them this weekend. Lar got me my shoes and jewelry last week, and they're so pretty. I've been thinking and technically I'm not a bridesmaid. I'm a bridesmatron, because I'm married.

Well, I'm off to dinner. Later gators!

22 March 2004

Ridin' On My Hobby Horse

I need a hobby! This is the concensus in (our part of) the house. There are times I don't mind just sitting on my tookus when I'm done with homework and studying, but I quickly run out of things to do on my computer after checking my e-mail, seeing what my friends have blogged about, and seeing whatever else is new on the websites I frequent. So the husb and I did a little "interests inventory" (basically listed a bunch of hobbies and how interested I would be in taking up one or more) and seeing what neat and exciting things I could be doing rather than, well, nothing. The highest up on my list was photography, drawing, and writing. I'm an okay writer, as long as I have something to write about, my art is about as good as a middle school kid, and the best picture I took was of some storm clouds that looked really nifty. But all that might well soon change. If my other half (he needs a nickname, he really does) needs to take any beginning art classes (he doesn't need to talent-wise, but credit-wise is another story), then I've offered to take some with him. Heck, I need some electives! Kill two birds with one stone: try out a potential hobby, and get credit at the same time. I can deal. I still need to take College Comp II, that might help my writing. The photography will probably need the most work, but I think it will be fun. The Quest for a Hobby begins!

We're taking m'honey to the chiro tomorrow for some tests, so I'd better head off to bed. We put some glow-in-the-dark star stickers on our ceiling, and it looks so neat!

18 March 2004

Hello again...

Hello all! Just letting you all know that I'm still around.

Just a few updates. My honey has decided to drop his current major (Programmer) and go into art instead. I fully support him in this. He's been having back problems that have been getting worse. The programming degree was taxing, and he has had no joy in his work. He likes to use computers, but the programming degree was quite literally debilitating him. He's going to do something he wants to do now, and that's art. He saw his chiro Tuesday, and he's going back twice next week to have tests done and to see the results. Our chiro's a good friend of the family, and we're so glad he's been able to help. Anytime someone has asked him what his major is, he's basically said, "My major is in programming, but I'd rather be in art." He picked programming because he figured it would bring him more money in the future. He was doing fine during Spring Break, but he was in excruciating pain by Monday. From what his mom said (she had to take him because he could not do anything without lots of pain), the difference between him walking into the chiro's office and walking out was as different as night and day. I'm so glad he's doing so much better.

I'm fine, though. I've had a slightly sore throat since yesterday, but that's about it. I'm so excited! I'm going with Lar, Von, and the other bridesmaids for a facial/makeover on Tuesday. My history teacher gave my group until Tuesday to do our presentation, which was supposed to be done today. The other group consisted of one guy who didn't have his presentation. But I'm not complaining! We had to say that the stock-market crash was not the major cause of the Great Depression (which it wasn't, there were a few other factors as well).

Unfortunately, our phone is down at the house. We called up the repair line on my cell, and they said it should be better by tomorrow around 4 p.m. (Thank goodness for the cable connection!) They knocked out a doorway in the basement wall for the new room while I was in class. They should be able to continue working on the house Monday.

We're having papa a la huancaína for dinner tonight. It's a dish from Peru, made with potatoes and a sort of cheese sauce on lettuce, surrounded by hard-boiled eggs and black olives. This was one of my husband's favorite dishes in Peru. Sounds good!


08 March 2004

Sad News

I regret to inform fans of Spalding Gray that his body found in the East River this weekend. He had been missing since Sunday, January 10th, 2004.

I first learned of this sad news while checking the news on MSN. The IMDb also had an article.

For anybody who wonders, "Who in the heck was this guy?", you might remember him as Fran's therapist "Dr. Jack Miller" on The Nanny from 1997-1998, and as "Dr. Geisler" in the movie Kate & Leopold. I first realized who he was when I took a theatre class last semester. We were studying some playwrights and actors from modern days, and we saw a part of his video Gray's Anatomy. He was pretty funny! I thought he looked and sounded familiar, and figured it out when I got home and checked his name on IMDb.

He will be sorely missed.

5 June 1941 - 10 January (?) 2004

06 March 2004

It's Been A Year Already?

I'll spare everybody all the gooey, lovey details, but here it is. A year ago Sunday, I became the happiest woman in the world. So much happened the day we got married: he forgot the marriage license, so he sent two of his sisters to get it (it's about forty-five minutes both ways). Fifteen minutes before they got back, he realized that he forgot my wedding band, so we borrowed one of his sister-in-law's bands. He also forgot his white shoes, so a nephew had to go buy some for him (he wore a white suit). I even thought about calling him to remind him to bring everything, but me being me, I didn't do it. All this made us start late, so our pictures were taken late. We went to visit my mom's dad in the hospital in our wedding outfits (we got lots of looks), and then went to our church building for a small dinner for those who got to see the sealing, plus a few friends. My in-laws were in charge of it.

The next day, I was supposed to be up and ready to go get my hair done at nine in the morning. We slept in. We were late getting to church to get ready for the reception and get more pictures taken. As a result, the reception started about half an hour or so late. But everything else there went smoothly. My friend Kristen caught the boquet (to the tune of "It's Raining Men"), and Von's boyfriend Bobert caught the garter (which Mark removed with his teeth ^_^ to the tune of "I'm Too Sexy"). All in all, everything was great.

And here we are, one year later, still happily in love. (Everybody now, "How sweet!") Anyway, that's enough sentimentality for one post.

Oh, by the by, I updated my website a bit, for the first time in forever (3 months). Not a whole lot, but enough. Some more quiz results, that kind of thing. If you're really bored, go check it out. ^_^

Enjoy Spring Break!

The Infamous T

02 March 2004

Another Year Older

Yep, this morning, sometime after 9:00, I turned 21. That makes me a full-blown adult! Woo! Speaking of which, I forgot to mention that Athene's birthday was on Saturday. Happy Birthday, Athene!

This is great. My birthday's today, Sunday is my first wedding anniversary, and the whole week after that is Spring Break! The only thing that would really make this great would be for m'hubby's back not to hurt. He got put in Monday, but his muscles are sore, and he thinks he's slightly out again. Poor guy! He also has a teacher he doesn't like because he's very vague in what he wants and doesn't teach very well. But other than that, all's good here. We're also having some remodeling done. My MIL will have a new office/sewing room/laundry room with a new pantry. We're also getting more storage space in the basement. (Woo.) Unfortunately, we can hear all the noise they make while they're working, and we're seriously considering going somewhere during Spring Break, just so we can get some sleep and enough rest. (Seriously. Honestly. Sleep. Rest. Yeah...)

21 February 2004

Let's Partay!

We surprised Jess with a party on Friday, and we had a blast! It's the best we've had so far. Unfortunately, I was the only one there who didn't have their partner with them. All the girls in the group brought their guys, except me. But that's ok, I'm married. ^_^

Anyway, we all had a good time. My niece just about gave us away. She started making noise about the time that Jess walked in the front door. Thankfully, she didn't notice. There was lotsa food (a sandwich ring, a veggie tray, a cheese tray, cake, and chips and dip, not to mention all the drinkage (to borrow a phrase from Von). I was so stuffed! I got her Blazing Saddleson DVD, Von gave her a bracelet to ward off evil, and Laura got her The Princess Bride on DVD. Moueska (who, it turns out, also likes Homestar Runner) went out with Jess on Thursday night and she got three movies she wanted. Jess' mom had been planning the party for a couple of months, and was proud to announce that she had gotten rid of her other kids for the night. Way to go, mom! We had fun with Bookie, too (my niece). We tied a balloon around her wrist and used it to track her for a few minutes. We need parties like that more often. ^_^

I got to see my fam today. Mom made her famous lasagna and my hubby came over to eat with us. Jess was having another party at her boyfriend's house tonight, but he lives in Eureka, and I have to teach kids tomorrow. Have a great time, guys! Speaking of which, could somebody point me toward the shower?

19 February 2004

Jess's Birthday!

Happy 20th birthday Jess! My little girl's all growed up! *sniff* ^_^

Oh it was such a beautiful day today! We had the windows rolled down and the moon roof open all the way home. Hopefully it stays this way for a while. (Yeah, right. In St. Louis? We'll probably have 3 feet of snow tomorrow.)

Weekend, here we come!

18 February 2004

Come On, Fhqwhgads

It's been almost two weeks already? Goodness.

Not a whole lot has happened in the past two weeks. Just doing homework and studying and all that stuff. Wait, there was something interesting. I talked to Ry, the guy I dated before I met my hubby. He was going to leave in March, but he "ripped all the ligaments on [his] left malleoulus and caused severe muscle tearing on the bilateral side of [his] dorsal pedia which caused severe contusions and ecchmysis to climb [his] leg". In other words, a "type 3 sprain worse than a fracture its also known as high ankle sprain". I got a cookie for correctly guessing it. ^_^ So it'll probably be a while before he leaves.

Valentine's Day was pretty neat. We got our teeth cleaned, for one thing. How exciting.... We tried going to the Science Center, but it turns out that they closed at 4:30. So we went to a Subway near there and ate lunch/dinner, then visited my folks for a few minutes. We also got a movie that he had been looking for for a long time, Good Burger. It's pretty good! Anybody who's seen All That on Nickelodeon a few years back will probably remember that. We're looking for the soundtrack (original cast recording) for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but have been unable to find it anywhere but the net. If somebody stumbles upon it at a store, let me know.

I saw a movie on WE today that I had not seen in a looong time: Love At First Bite! I absolutely love that movie! It's about Dracula, who moves to New York City to persue a supermodel that he's in love with. It's hilarious! The actor is George Hamilton, the guy who does the Ritz toasted chip/cracker commercials. He was in another movie that I love, Zorro, The Gay Blade. Don't ask! It's just one of those movies you have to see for yourself.

See y'all later!