17 March 2007

03 March 2007

Bittersweet birthday

Well, looks like Soot's an "only child" now. Our other hamster Pinky passed away sometime Friday. Soot seems to be handling it well, although I do notice that he tends to stop running in his wheel, like he's waiting for Pinky to jump in the wheel and try to take over. They used to do that a lot. I've decided that after Soot goes, I'd rather not have any more pets for a long time. It's a waiting game that I'd rather not play.

I had a pretty good birthday though! Hubby gave me a card and some beautiful roses the day before, and I got a couple other cards. The high school was having a craft fair that we went to check out, and ended up buying some coconut essential oil that we really liked. We've been looking for some essential oils for a while, and decided yesterday to check out Pathways and see what they had. We bought two vials of lemon oil, one wintergreen, and one sweet orange. We also saw Mr. H, one of my former English teachers! I was wondering if he still worked there, and it turns out he does. He remembered who I was, just couldn't remember my name. He also couldn't believe I was 24 already. ^_^

We headed over to Michaels to get some necklace fixin's so that I could have a chain for my new necklace that uses magnets instead of a regular closer. We were pretty hungry after that, so went to the mall to have some pizza from Sbarro's, and also ended up getting a milkshake each from Sonic. Hey, it's my birthday, it's time to splurge! ^_^ We were so tired and full from the running and eating that we ended up watching TV most of the night. My parents also called me later last night to wish me a happy birthday and to talk. By the way, thank you to everyone who contacted me and wished me a happy birthday!

Since we didn't get to eat cake last night, we'll do that later tonight. Milly bought me a small German chocolate cake and some ice cream. Yay!