30 July 2005

Finally figured it out?

Mira thinks he's finally figured out what was wrong with me. I may be lactose intolerant!
No, I don't have gas (well, maybe a little bit) or bloating or cramps. What I have is bad breath, which I get from consuming some dairy products. He read online that it is one overlooked symptom of LI. Basically, a person with LI lacks lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose found in dairy products. It ferments in the intestines, gets reabsorbed into the bloodstream and is exhaled out through the lungs. While my breath isn't bad enough that flies drop dead within two feet of me, Mira can smell it whenever he gets too close, which makes kissing not so fun for him.
So we're going to try some Lactaid to see if that will help. It's really meant for the other symptoms of LI, but we read about a woman who says it works for her bad breath. It can't hurt to try!
Wish me luck!

27 July 2005

Product and Book Reviews!

Just for fun, let's do some reviews.

Product reviews

First up: Veet Rasera. When I first tried it out, I hadn't shaved in almost two weeks, so my leg hairs were about 1/4 inch long (I know: eew). I bought the Aloe scented one, and it didn't smell too bad, but not too good either. Mira thinks he's allergic to one or more of the ingredients because when I was near him with it on my legs, his throat got tight and he had a horrible headache. I kept it on for the alloted 3 minutes and tested it, but I didn't see a lot of hair gone, so kept it on for the limit of 6 minutes. A lot of hair came off, but there were a couple spots where it didn't do too much.
I showered afterwards, but didn't want to use my loofah with body wash on my legs just in case there was irritation, so I put a little in my hands and rubbed it on my legs and rinsed. In the process I noticed that some of the longer hairs would break off close to the skin. My legs felt like I had shaved two days beforehand. After using the loofah and body wash on my legs the next night, I noticed that more hairs were whittled down. I tried it on my armpits and legs again a week later, but it didn't help much.
It did better than any Nair product I have ever used, but it was like I had shaved regularly, except there was no smoothness after I used the Veet versus a regular razor. It might be good for others, but it wasn't for me.

Next up: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms nail polish (in Purple Diamond). I love this stuff! The color looks great, and I love the prism effect. It almost makes the polish look like it has texture, like a velvety shirt. At least, that's the first thing that came to my mind when I put it on. What amazed me is that after a week, it had only receded near the tips of my nails a bit. No chipping or anything! With just about any other polish I wear, I'm putting on a different color or reapplying after a couple days. I thought it was great, considering I had also washed my hands a lot at work (lots of diapers changed). I really recommend this polish.

Now for the book reviews.

Both books are by Dan Brown. I actually read The Da Vinci Code first. I had read the SparkNotes version, and I liked it enough that I would read it if somebody let me borrow it. So I borrowed the illustrated version from my mom a couple weeks ago, and read it in roughly two days.
I don't know why some people are up in arms about it. I thought it was very good. Good characters, good plot, and it was nice to see the places that he talked about and the different paintings and other forms of art that fill the pages. It beat having to look them up online.
The theories were very intriguing, and you learn something new along the way. I won't say much, since I don't want to slip and spoil anything for those who haven't read it yet. All I can say is I liked this book, and I recommend it.

I also finished reading Angels & Demons in a few days, reading on and off from Saturday until Monday. This book first introduces Robert Langdon, the main character in both TDVC and A&D. This was alsoan illustrated edition that I borrowed from my mom.
Dan Brown knows how to keep you turning pages: by using short chapters with a tidbit at the end, then a longer chapter that explains the tidbit. But even the longer chapters dangle a carrot in front of you and you can't help but keep reading. I was very impressed with everything. Again, I won't say too much for fear of spoiling it for somebody else. Let's just say that it's intriguing, and a good read. I recommend it very much.

Happy trying and reading!

26 July 2005

Mira and his mom talked on the way to the chiro today about what we wanted to do car-wise. Originally, we were going to sell our teal Geo to one of Phil's assistants at work, then he was going to buy a new car and I was going to get his red Geo. Milly said that getting our names transfered on the red Geo would be too much hassle, so dad will probably keep his car and Mira and I could get a new car. Seeing as my mom wants to help me and Mira get a new car, we just might do that. Now to learn how to drive... ^_^

08 July 2005

My next paycheck is going to be a beautiful one. Not only have I worked four extra hours this week, next week I'll have another six extra hours. For me, this is a big deal since I only work ten hours a week. The center's director asked me to come in next Monday and Tuesday at 2:30, where I'll be where I've been all this week, and at 3:00 the rest of the week, where I'll be with the 8 month - 1 year olds. At least the last three days I'll be right next to my room and can see my babies. ^_^ I was given a form yesterday for a physical to make sure I'm healthy and have some shots up-to-date. I haven't had a physical since before I got married, so I guess I had better get that done, huh?

This weekend sees me at Mira's family reunion. His three brothers live here and his three sisters are visiting. Two sisters brought their families, and one is flying solo. All together we'll have 33 people. (If four of my nephews were here and the other sister were to bring her family, we would have 43 people all together.)
Usually the reunion is in Utah; it's been there for years, since it's easier for most of the others (grandmothers, aunts, unlces, cousins) since they live so close. It was decided that we'd have it here this year, but all but Phil and Milly's kids could make it this year. Oh well, it'll be nice to have a reunion for just close family.

07 July 2005

I misses my babies!

Since we have a couple gals on vacation, all this week I've been down the hall instead of where I usually work, and will be there tomorrow and Monday, too. That means that I have been with the 1 - 1 1/2 year olds instead of the 6 week - 8 month olds. It's a change of pace, but I miss my babies.
I've also been asked during this time to get there an hour early, so I've been working 3-6 instead of 4-6. I get there during snack time and help them eat and clean up. We also play with them, then lather them up with sunscreen so they can go outside for a while. The gal that works there leaves at 4:30, so I get an hour and a half (sometimes less than that) with them until their parents come to pick them up. We've been spending that time inside with toys a while, then I've been taking them on a ride down the halls in our bye-bye buggy at about 5:00 or so. They love it and it gives them a chance to get out of the room again.
I realized the other day that my "expertise" with children goes from 6 weeks to four years. At work, I've spent time with the 6 week to one year and a half olds. At church, I'm currently in the Nursery, which goes from 18 months to three years, and I've also done the three to four year old class in the past. I think I'll do okay for a while when we start our own family, at least from six weeks to four years. ^_^ Before and after that, I'll be on my own.

04 July 2005