28 December 2005

Fun Site O' The Day

I would like to apologize to my two bridesmaids. I'm so sorry I made you wear those less-than-attractive dresses at my wedding. But let me assure you, others have had it worse.

25 December 2005

24 December 2005

Thank you 1A families!

I think we got at least one thing each day this week. As far as I know, we all got the same things. The G's gave us each a scarf (see previous post), the C's a candle (cranberry, yummy!), the H's a lotion and body spray set (smells good!), the M's a cute little bunny with some perfume, the R's a gift card for Panera, the F's some homemade cookies (so good!), and the L's (their daughter moved up this month) a Borders gift card. Thank you all! We also got a goodie bag (candies and a 2-month pocket calendar) from the guy who owns our building and a Schnuck's gift card, which Mira and I used last night. I guess I have some thank you cards to write! ^_^

20 December 2005

I feel so special!

One of my babies gave me a Christmas present today! Well, it was probably more like her mom, but her name was on the card. ^_^ She gave me a new scarf! It's very pretty, orange and red mixed in, and so soft. I can't wait to wear it. ^_^ Thank you G___ family!

12 December 2005

They have a name for that...

I am a movie stalker. When I hear about a movie that piques my interest or is based on something I'm familiar with, I scour IMDb and raid Dark Horizons for whatever info I can find on it. I may even Google it or find another way to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. I did this with The Pantom of the Opera, Hitchhkier's Guide to the Galaxy, Corpse Bride, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many others. I check the movie news and watch trailers at Dark Horizons and search on IMDb to find trivia, goofs, quotes, release dates, whatever I can find. I especially love to follow casting. I was agog when I heard Alan Rickman would provide the vocals to Marvin in Hitchhiker and Liam Neeson for Aslan in Narnia.
I hope there's no cure for this. It might annoy people, but it's so much fun! ^_^