25 April 2005

"If you're going to survive out there...

you've really got to know where your towel is." If you know the origins of this quote, then you know to what movie it refers that flies its way into theatres this weekend. Yes fellow hitchhikers, Douglas Adams' best selling "radio series, ... record album, ... novel, ... television series, ... computer game, ... stage show, ... comic book and ... towel (see its page of trivia on IMDb)" is being made into a movie. The trailers I have seen are awesome, and I'm very excited to see it.
I'll be going on Saturday with family and friends, we will all have our towels, and my father may or may not dress up in his bathrobe. Here's hoping it doesn't suck! ^_^

22 April 2005

I'm turning into my mother!

Mira picked me up from work so we could do some shopping for much needed household items, mainly for me (girlie stuff, body wash, hair stuff, etc. ). What should have been only about $85 turned out to be $230 worth of stuff! So what did we buy? Mainly clothes. ^_^ Mira got three (much needed) pairs of pants and five tee shirts with pockets, and I got three new tees myself. We also got an organizer for his Stikfas stuff, two Sharpies, a plastic spray bottle, and a few others. Oh, and has anybody been there recently? There's a small tan bird that lives there now. I saw him last week when I went there with my mom, and he was there again this time. We were in the jewelry department and he was by the spinning racks. He's so cute! ^_^
I got my paycheck from the Board of Elections Commissioners today, and my first paycheck from work, so I'll be able to replenish some of what we used tonight. ^_^
Work wasn't too bad. There were only three babies; Monet was sleeping, and Muse and Moe were in their saucers, so it was an easy day. I finally got my clock-in number yesterday, so I don't have to track what hours I worked now. After Moe's dad picked him up, I got Muse to take a small nap before her mother came and got her, and Monet was content to be held until his mom picked him up. I love my job, and the babies are so cute. ^_^
P.S. Congrats to Moueska on her new job! Way to go, kiddo!

18 April 2005

You spitting on me again?

I had a good first day of work, I think. I got there an hour early to learn the ropes, and I'll go in tomorrow at 11:30 because one of the gals I work with has to leave early, so I'll be there six and a half hours. Yay! ^_^
I can remember six of the kids' names (they'll have nicknames on this blog, of course): Strawberry, Moe, Tweety, Monet, Muse, and Webby. I changed diapers, one of Muse's bibs (my poor outfit was decorated in formula spit-up; it disappeared though), fed and burped Tweety, and generally played with the babies. It's part of my job to "close up shop", which doesn't take too long. It's nice when most of them are sleeping and the rest are contentedly playing with toys. It's kinda hectic with them waking up, needing a diaper change, and eating all at once, but it's easier once they're settled. I think I like it. ^_^ Now, what's an easy way to get spit-up stains out of clothes?

16 April 2005

More Phantastic Videos!

I found this site at my folks', and I've found two other videos that I like. One features Raoul and Christine using the Bryan Adams song "Everything I Do" . My mom and sister are hooked! ^_^ The other is "Learn to be Lonely" from the film. The video quality isn't all that great, but it fit and gave me chills. There are videos featuring Erik and Christine, Raoul and Christine, one for other videos, and one by "guest vidders". It's a great place to pass some time and see some great videos. I highly recommend it.
Enjoy! I know I do! ^_^

13 April 2005

I start Monday!

Mira took me to the day care center/pre-school, "Lene" (the gal I work with at church) got me an application to fill out, and took us on a tour of where I'll be working. I got to meet a few of the gals there, and Lene filled me in on some of what I'll be doing, gave me some advice, and told us a bit about the facility. I'll be working with the six week to eight month olds. They're so cute! I can't wait to start working. ^_^
It's a really cool place. And it's only eight minutes from where I live (according to MapQuest)! That means that I can get some practice driving while I'm at it. I'll only be working 10 hours a week, but at least it's something in terms of an income, and it's something I love! She said I might have to come in an hour early for the first few days to get acquainted with everything, and I'll be alone from 5-6, but I can always have somebody else come in and help me if I need it.
This weekend is my last weekend as an unemployed woman! It'll be nice to have some extra money now, and it won't interfere if I decide to take classes in the fall. I had an interest in Early Childhood Education at one point, so this would really help me decide if this is something I want to persue. Yeehoo! (Thanks to Bookie for that phrase ^_^)

12 April 2005

I might have a job!

I told this to Mira, and he said, "How do you just get your jobs handed to you like that?" My first job was at McDonald's. I was going through the drive-thru with my mom, and she asked the gal at the window for an application for me. I filled it out and a week or so later, I was hired. My second job was at a dollar store that was opening in the area. Jess and I wrote down the number for the guy who was opening it, and we both got jobs there.
This time, a lady I work with in the nursery at church called this morning and said that the school she works at needs somebody to work with the six week to eight month old babies weeknights for two hours. I would only work 10 hours a week, and I would be with the little babies! This is perfect for me! I've been bitten by the baby bug lately, and this should help curb it a bit.^_^
I was asleep when she called, but Milly took the message, and I have to call later tonight to say, "I'll do it!" This is exciting! Yee-hoo!

11 April 2005

For the Phans...

I was on the IMDb boards for Phantom of the Opera (just saw it for the third time at the cheap show), and somebody made a music video of "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence using scenes from the movie! It was just so awesome that I decided to put the link here for all Phans to see (that would be the four or five of you that read this blog regularly ^_^).
P.S. DVD comes out early next month! Yee-hooo!

06 April 2005

Guess the roving deputy's age!

That's the game that the judges and supervisors at the sixteen polling places we visited played when my partner "Jack" and I went to check on them and make sure everything was running smoothly. Most hypothesized that I had to take the day off of school to help out, and one voter thought I was doing it for community service!
I stayed at my folks' Monday night, and got up at 4:15 in the morning since dad and I had to be to the Board of Elections Commissioners (BOEC) office at five. I was able to have a donut and a bagel with cream cheese before I had to leave. My partner was Jack, an older gentleman about 75 who had been doing this for years. Thank goodness I had somebody who knew what he was doing. ^_^
We went to ten polling places to drop off some information they needed, then to six other places for the morning visit, had breakfast at Hardee's, then made a morning visit to the first ten places we dropped info off to. We stopped by his house (since we were in his area) so he could empty his trunk, and we were off to our drop off point, a YMCA-type rec center. Two judges from 16 other polling places dropped off ballot boxes at about 11:00, and we took it all back to the BOEC with a police escort trailing behind.
After dropping off the ballot boxes, we visited all sixteen polling places again, and came back to the rec center to rest. There was a couch in the game room, so I fell asleep for a couple of hours while Jack read the paper and eventually fell asleep as well. I was up at about four or so, and played my Game Boy for a while until Jack woke up, and he went to eat lunch, then ran home to get some stuff done. I played for a while longer and went across the street to DQ and had something to eat (I highly recommend the strawberry cheesequake blizzard), and went back to the rec center to hang out.
About 6:30 or so, Jack came back, and we went out to wait for the polls to close at 7:00 and to wait for the judges to come back with the ballot boxes and some other stuff, which we loaded into the back of the car. And off we went to the BOEC to drop everything off and go home.
I said goodbye to Rosie and I went back with dad to hang out with my family. I got home a little after midnight this morning, and was asleep within an hour. Needless to say, it was tough running on four hours of sleep yesterday morning, and I was still tired after my two hour nap in the afternoon. But I slept well last night. Then tonight I get to stay the night at the condo to wait for the termite guy to come at 8:00 tomorrow morning. But it'll be nice to be alone for awhile! ^_^
P.S. I beat dad to the BOEC for the morning drop off, but he beat me there for the evening drop off. We would have gotten there sooner, but we had to wait on an old folks' home that didn't get there until almost ten to eight. Grrr. And what really sucked was that we didn't have checklists for the last six places, and nobody got a judges oath and affidavit sheet. We had to imrovise on the checklists and write it down on different pieces of paper, and get copies of the oath sheets and pass them off later.
The best part is that I get paid for what I did! That should come later this month.

04 April 2005

Election, here I come!

My mom's friend Rosie works for the Board of Elections and asked if I would like to be an electioneer in tomorrow's election. How could I say no? She said they needed some help, and I would be getting paid for it, so of course I volunteered. ^_^
My dad signed up to do it too, so, as Rosie put it, "We'll have a contest to see who gets back first, you or your dad". I have to be there at five in the morning, and I'll be out until late, but who can argue with free breakfast and a paycheck?
So as a note to my friends who read this, be on the lookout for me at the polls, 'cause you never know when I'll be watching you. ^_^