03 June 2007

Well, it happened...

We lost our Soot baby yesterday. We bought him and Pinky together about a year and eight months ago. I wasn't so sure how long Soot woud last after his tankmate died, but he held on for another three months, and it looks as if he passed peacefully in his sleep.

We'll miss you, baby.

P.S. We've decided we won't get any more pets for a long time. Does anybody want some leftover bedding, seeds, etc.? We might also get rid of the tank. Let me know and I'll get a list together of what we have.

02 June 2007

At roughly 8:00 this evening, my not-so-little brother Polarbear became a high school graduate. After he gets home from the lock-in tomorrow, he leaves on a road trip to Colorado with his girlfriend Gummibear and her family. After that, the world is his oyster.

Congratulations Class of 2007, and good luck in the future!