12 June 2004

Congrats! It's sextuplets!

Who am I talking about? Certainly not me, that's for sure! It's our guppies, The Cheat and Firebert (don't ask me which is which gender). I got up and looked into the tank this afternoon and thought to myself, "That's one lively piece of fish poop..." I got a closer look and noticed that it had fins! And eyes! Then I saw another one! Turns out we have six baby guppies. We have fry! How cuuuuute! As far as we know, there's six. If there's more, they like to hide. Now we have to find out what we need to do to take care of them. They're so cute and tiny! So tiny in fact, they get hard to see off by themselves. Usually they hang out in groups of two or more. Some will go off by themselves, but I think the bigger fish scare them and then they huddle together. They're so cute!
Now mom and pop guppy tend to hang around each other a whole lot more. They must want more...

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Moueska said...

If you've got a caper then you know who to call.
It's the Sneak! It's The Sneak!
Who's The Dapper Swindler out of Tammany Hall?
It's The Sneak!

Sneaky The Cheat and Firebert making little balls of scales and ib-bitty bones. Shame on them. Ah, well, congratulations!