31 January 2007

And the Most Choreographically Inept Award goes to...

Yours truly. Thank you, thank you...

I just tried two of the workouts on the other DVD that Lar lent me, and it felt like I was doing the choreography from Fame all over again: a step behind everyone else and horribly wrong. I watched all five segments before deciding that the last two looked the easiest. Hah! I can't say as I was impressed with this one. I like the Pilates one better.

28 January 2007

*wince* *ow*

If Joseph Pilates weren't already dead, I'd kill him.

I'm borrowing a couple exercise DVD's from Lar, and have done the Pilates one for the past couple days. My arms are pretty sore in spots, my legs are stiff, and my abs... oh my abs! I like this DVD though, so I'm thinking about buying my own copy. I figure if I keep doing it, it'll get easier and I'm hoping it'll pay off. Then maybe I'll get to liking Mr. Pilates and won't want to re-kill him.

Now I'm hoping the dance DVD will be just as good.

01 January 2007