30 November 2005

Pay no attention...

...to that previous post. I just found all my documents and pictures! They weren't there when I clicked on the "My Documents" icon on my desktop, but I found them when I searched my hard drive! I'm so ecstatic! *raising my hands to the heavens* Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

My computer decided to turn against me, so I had to have Windows re-installed, and as a result, I lost a lot of stuff. So it's back to the drawing board... This sucks!

24 November 2005

20 November 2005

New Arrival

Well, Lar delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl this morning (2:11 am, 8 lb 6 oz). I was at the hospital with her and the grandparents, plus JR’s friends Drac and Chuck. We're all so happy for her.

Here's my sister, with her second baby, the second grandchild, the second girl, and she's just beautiful. Her husband's there, holding his new daughter in his arms. “Hello, baby girl” he coos. He probably even told her, “I’m your daddy” when he first held her. Lar looks tired; I guess she would be after about twelve hours of labor. But at the same time, she marvels at the little person she’s housed for nine long months, the one she and JR created together. Bef is quiet, but lets out a fuss to let us know she’s there, even though she’s the center of attention. She looks like our side of the family; I imagine her hair is dark like her mommy’s.

Everyone gets a chance to hold the new arrival. The grandparents get first dibs. Even Drac and Chuck get a chance. Drac is nervous, but Chuck holds her like a pro; having two kids of his own, he’s had the practice. Then it’s my turn. Being about the same size as her mommy gives me an advantage; she fits into my arms almost perfectly. She gives a slight cry, and she’s handed off to JR so she can snuggle right next to her mother. We decide to leave the little family by themselves. Sandy will bring Book by later that day to meet her new baby sister. I wonder if she, like her aunt with her mother, will look at her new sister and exclaim, “Baby!”

06 November 2005


(Warning! To your right, you will read my ramblings about the “what if’s”. To your left, you will read my ramblings about the “what might have been’s”. Do not read if you don’t care about other people’s regrets. You have been forewarned. Thank you and have a nice day.)

You ever have the feeling that you might be good at something if you just knew what you were doing?

In search of something to do, hubby and I watched the dance scenes from the movie Center Stage (it’s about ballet). I love to watch dancing, especially ballet. It’s more than just moving gracefully; you also have to be strong and have endurance, among other things (as I’m sure Athene could attest to). It’s amazing what some people can do with their bodies.

My sister and I never had any lessons as kids (neither did our brothers). We never took dance lessons, swimming lessons, singing lessons, karate lessons, or anything like that. I would have loved to take a dance class when I was younger. Lar says she wants her girls to take dance lessons. Mira and I know we want our kids to learn how to do things like dance, art, music, sports, etc. Even if they don’t totally get into it, we’d like for them to have a basic knowledge of how to do things like that.

I’m not very coordinated. Just watch the video of my senior year production of Fame. I can’t tell you how often I was at least a half second behind everybody else, and it wasn’t just nerves. [So why did I try out (and become an extra)? Because I did the musical the previous year (Groovy), and it was really fun, plus the dancing was easy (what do you expect for a dinky junior high-type musical?). Turns out Fame was not just a step higher, it was a complete leap higher (a grand jeté, if you will), and that included the dancing.] What they were thinking when they cast me, I don’t know.

Maybe in another life (if I had one), I was a dancer, and I wasn’t supposed to bring that talent with me into this one. Who knows? All I know is that I suck at it. I’d like to take a dance class some semester. Maybe I’ll take a ballet class to see what I think. After all, one of the best ways to know, is to try.

04 November 2005

Rawr, baby!

I had a blast last night! I went with my mom, Lar, Rosie, Von's mom, Lar's MIL and two SIL's to see Celtic Tiger. What a show! We went to dinner at a Mexican place near Lar's house called Chimichanga's, which was really good. All but Lar and her MIL and one SIL got to the show about ten minutes late because they went the wrong way, but the rest of us sat down just as the show began.

I was very impressed. It was pretty loud and there were a few flashy moments (strobe lights, etc.), but it was thoroughly enjoyed. During intermission, I went with Lar's married SIL to buy the soundtrack, and when we got back, everybody was moving eight rows down because nobody was there during the first part of the show, so we got a better view of the stage.

My favorite number was "Capone", the one where the ensemble is dressed in pin-stripped suits. And the guys in the audience were drooling during the "Fredom" number, because the woman did a striptease and went from an Irish-styled flight uniform to an American flag-print bikini. And there was one number where the Redcoats were burning down a cottage and some of the cast members dressed as Irish peasants were running out, coughing, falling, etc. While this was going on, the screen on stage that was used as a background had some ghostly faces rising from the smoky flames behind the home. I had chills the whole time and almost cried when they showed the face of a crying baby rising from the flames.

I listened to the soundtrack with Mira when I got home. The soundtrack lacks the costume change numbers and omits the "Yankee Doodle Dandy" number, but it's still good. All in all, I had a fun time and I loved what I saw. If I see it on DVD, I may get it. Or just borrow it from my mom when she gets it, because I know she will.