28 May 2004

Love is in the air...

Congrats to Moueska and Drac for one year of being the cutest couple... besides my husband and I. ^_^ Just kidding. I love ya guys! Keep it up!

Only a week until my baby sister says, "I do!" Oh the excitement! I remember a year and almost three months ago when I was in her shoes. And boy were they painful! Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Bad joke. Seriously though, good luck to the both of you, too.

Also experiencing the highs that come with love, Von has recently found herself a new man and they make such a great couple. Have fun!

In other news, we're just about done setting up our new tank. We just need to decorate more, then start introducing the fish into the new tank. Also, the new room is finished, now all we need to do is get MIL's new desk, move things from her old office into her new one, then convert the old office into the new guest bedroom and library. Hmmmmm, such excitement in our lives.

Well, unless I come up with something later, then I'll be moseying along.

26 May 2004

Our New Group Blog!

Moueska has put up a group blog for all the Goddesses! This will be neat. So far, just Moueska and I have posted, and Lar joined yesterday. Hopefully we'll get the rest soon.

After Quickdots became defunct, then usable by pay, we didn't have a way to touch base over the net besides IM. Even EZboard didn't quite work out. Now we finally have something to keep us all in touch! Woo!

The Divine Goddess

See y'all there!


17 May 2004

Weekend Update

I didn't go to my history final on Thursday. I ended up with a B anyway, so I count that as a good job. Friday we went to Radio Shack to get a new phone for M's mom. We got a nice one that came with an additional cordless that we have in our bedroom. We have it set to play Beethoven's Ninth (Ode to Joy) when it rings. "Soooo good!" Saturday, we didn't find anything we wanted at Pevely, so we checked out another inside flea market/antique store (Kohler or something like that), and didn't see anything we wanted there, either. So we went to a pet store near us that's going out of business and found a bunch of stuff for the new aquarium. Well, M did, I took a nap in the car because I was tired, as we went to sleep the night before at about two and woke up about seven in the morning.

Anyway, M's back and neck were really sore Sunday, so he didn't have to play the organ. We had to take in another class because their teacher had to work, so there were eight others plus one of ours. Yikes! Nine kids is way too much for us to handle. And there was only one girl, poor thing, with eight boys. After church, we went to a friend of M's for a BBQ. He's leaving today to see his fianceƃ© in Oregon, and he'll be staying with her parents while she stays with a friend for two months until they get married there. They're coming back here in late July for a small reception. Good luck you guys!

The addition is coming along nicely. Cabinets are being put in the new room upstairs, and Friday one of my BIL's came to help my FIL set up an exercise machine in the new room downstairs. We're moving some stuff around and hopefully we'll have everything done by the end of the month. That's all the exciting news here. I get to pick up my bridesmaid dress this Friday and I'm looking forward to Lar's wedding in less than a month! Hard to believe it's almost here. She's having a bridal shower this Saturday that she briefly mentioned in passing to me, so I'll have to call mom and get the details. Wedding excitement!

By the by, Jess brought this up in a comment on my last post. She says, "...why won't your comment thingy let me put my name and stuff up at the top?" I think it's kinda like Open Diary, in that you have to be a member to have all that done. I know when I want to post a comment, I have to sign in to Blogger. Until I can figure out how to use a diiferent comment system, I'll just use this. They switched on the new templates to xml from html, and I have no clue as to what I'm doing. Moueska, if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. (Thanks in advance!)

14 May 2004

Schoooools out... for...summer!

Aaaaaah! Finals are over and summer vacation has begun. Unfortunately, I got a D in Algebra again, so I have to write a petition to take the class a third time. Bleh. But I got a B in history, and I didn't even have to take the final. He told us that if we didn't take the final, he'd give us 10 points anyway, but it would be out of 30 points. I figured that I already had a B, and I wasn't sure I could bs my way through an essay without having material to look over, so I skipped it and got a B anyway. Works for me!
We already picked out our classes for the fall semester, and all we have to do is pay for classes and buy our books, then we won't have to worry about dealing with classes until August. I finally decided to go ahead and take a voice class (I might actually learn to hit the right notes!) and College Composition II (fancy way of saying "Writing Intensive class"), and M decided to take Design I and Introductory Horticulture.

They started some painting on the new room Thursday. It looks really good so far, and all they did was put on primer and smooth over the ceiling in the kitchen. All the stuff from the kitchen is now in the living room, but that's ok. We went to sell our books back, got some sand for the new tank, a fake anemone for decoration (one for now), and a new fish. We named him George, but he's looking kinda puny, so we might take him back, but we'll wait to see if he bounces back. We're having the new tank delivered sometime next week (hopefully), then we'll start setting it up.

We're going to try and go to the Pevely Flea Market early Saturday morning. I haven't been there in years, when a friend of mine invited me. I must have been in fourth grade or so. (Man I feel old!) But I won't bore you anymore, so I'll scuttle off now.

Have a great summer all!

The Infamous T

12 May 2004

Website of the day: Kenya Live!
To see the original, go to: Kenya!

09 May 2004

Hell Week!

Well kiddies, it's that time again! It's finals week! My algebra final is Tuesday, so I'll be studying like mad tomorrow, and I have a history final on Thursday, so more cramming on Wednesday. No more for me after 1:00 p.m. this Thursday! Summer vacation is almost here!

I was surprised to sign in and see that my blog hosting site has changed things around. Have you noticed that, Athene and Moueska? I think it's pretty neat.

Today was Mother's Day. In church, they gave all the women over 18 some flowers (impatients) and a huge chocolate bar with almonds that was absolutely wonderful. I got my mom the The Moody Blues Days of Future Past CD. She has the record, if that tells ya anything. She really seemed to like it. She gave me a cute lavendar pajama set. We went to see her snd the family today and had dinner with them. They did filet mignon on the grill with some sides. Book finally walked for me today, even walked right up to me! She's so cute. I also got to see the cute little kitten that Lar got the other day. She named her Gypsy, and she's a grey and white stripped tabby. Absolutely adorable! M even wanted to hold her before we left. "Alright," he said, "lemme see the kitten. I'll wash my hands." (He's allergic.) When we got home, one of my BIL's and his family was over visiting with my in-laws. They told us about the wedding stuff for their oldest son. Their middle child is graduating from high school soon, as are another nephew and one neice.

That's probably all the blogging I can do for now, but I'll post up more Thursday afternoon. Wish me luck in my finals! And good luck to everybody else!

04 May 2004

The news today...

I read today about a party barge that was anchored at the only public nude beach in Texas. All the people moved to one side and it started to tip, sending some party goers into the water. Roger Wade, the sheriff's spokesman in the area, "said it was unclear why the people all were on one side of the boat". Well whydaya think?! There's naked people on the beach! It's like a car wreck: you can't bear to watch, yet you can't look away.

I about choked on my breakfast bar this morning when we saw the gas prices. $1.889! That's ridiculous! I might as well buy a bike. Why bother learning how to drive now?

One of my favorite news sources is News of the Weird, by Chuck Shepherd. He finds the most interesting articles I have ever heard! A guy driving in Toronto was pulled over for practicing his violin while driving. Another Torontoan uses pieces of chewing gum to make portraits of celebrities. Talk about extra-curricular activities...

Get real. Anna Nicole is starting her own clothing line? The same woman who used to be a Playboy playmate is making a clothing line? Of what?

I haven't seen anything else that's really worth my wile, so off I go.