31 December 2007

24 December 2007

23 November 2007

A great Thanksgiving!

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We started out with a Thanksgiving lunch with the husb's family, then headed over to my parents' for dinner. Their new kitchen looks so beautiful! Mira was able to go with me to see my family, and he actually felt okay the few hours we were there. He's tired now, but I think it was worth it. Now if we could just have a repeat of that on Christmas.

14 November 2007


It seems my limited knowledge of Spanish (two years in high school, one semester in college) came in handy today. I was in a room of (roughly) 18-month olds and was told by the teacher in the room that we had a new boy who only spoke Spanish. I was very rusty, but was able to get some conversation out of him, thus making a new amigo. From what I understand, his mom is very fluent in English, but they speak Spanish in the home. I don't know if his mom is going to have him learn English at his own pace or what. Meanwhile, it's fun to practice Spanish again.

07 November 2007

Unexpected day off!

One of the gals who works in the office called this morning to let me know that there was no electricity in the building, so we have the day off. (We don't want baby-cicles, after all.) It should be back tomorrow, though.

The last time we had a day off for no electric was after that storm last summer, and that was only for a day, too. Oh well, it's nice to have an extra day off.

04 November 2007

So it's a day or so late...

Yesterday Mira took me to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery to visit the graves of my mom's parents and my dad's mom. (By the way, Moueska and Athene, I saw your grandfather as well. He says hi. ^_^) I hadn't been there since nana's passing, and that was almost four years ago. I didn't think about it until after the fact, but we were there the day after Dia de los Muertos, which is celebrated on the first two days of November in Mexico and Mexican communities. It's basically a celebration that honors the dead.

I know that my grandparents aren't at the cemetery, even though their mortal bodies are, but it's a nice way to reconnect with them and think about the lives they led. My grandfathers fought in WWII, Papa in the Air Force and Grandpa in the Army. Nana was a communications worker in Ireland and Grandma worked in an ammunition factory (which was recently torn down). My Grandpa is still alive, and the next time I visit JB will probably be after he's gone. But I hope to visit more often.

31 October 2007

21 October 2007

Overdue Date Night

We haven't been out on a date in a long time, and with Mira's health being rather poor for a couple weeks (more so than usual), we decided we needed some time away from home.

We hadn't been to the Chesterfield Mall yet, so we went to check it out. He noticed that they had a Cheesecake Factory restaurant, and decided that if he were going to be in pain, he might as well do it with some cheesecake in him. We checked with the manager and found that the regular cheesecake did not have soy in it, so he got a slice of the sugar-free version and I got the chocolate coconut cream. Oh. My. Goodness. I've never had a better piece of cheesecake in my entire life! It was like an orgasm on my tongue! We also had a makeshift dinner of salad from Subway and pizza from Sbarro's. When we got home we had a snack and watched some shows we'd recorded this week.

We used to go out before he got sick, and we didn't really think anything about it. But since he got sick, going out together has become something so much more special than it used to be. If I could give any soon-to-be or newly married couple any advice, I would say, "Do stuff together. Go on dates, watch TV together, go to a museum, whatever it is that you like to do, do it together. You might find yourself in a position where one or the both of you won't be able to do it, and you'll wish you could have had some time together." That's one thing fibromyalgia has taught us. That, and not to take things like your health for granted.

06 October 2007


Another preview for Tim Burton's newest movie: Sweeney Todd.

11 September 2007

Fall has unofficially begun!

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I noticed it last night after a trip with the family to Spirit (the Halloween store). When we left, the wind was blowing cool and crazy. This morning we were able to air out the house, and the kids at work had their jackets with them. They needed them this morning, but not so much this afternoon. So far, it looks as if the temps won't get over 85° this week. I'd say cooler weather is here to stay! (At least until winter, at which point we'll be hoping for spring.)

21 August 2007

Hmm, could be good...

I just saw a preview for a new Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp (sorry, music not by Danny Elfman). I've only heard of this musical and know vaguely of the premise, but with a director and lead actor that I like, I'm hoping my first viewing of Sweeney Todd will be a good one.

31 July 2007

Only three more months!

It hit me the other day that there are three months left until Halloween! I should decide early if I'm going to do something different or don my Renfaire garb again...

03 June 2007

Well, it happened...

We lost our Soot baby yesterday. We bought him and Pinky together about a year and eight months ago. I wasn't so sure how long Soot woud last after his tankmate died, but he held on for another three months, and it looks as if he passed peacefully in his sleep.

We'll miss you, baby.

P.S. We've decided we won't get any more pets for a long time. Does anybody want some leftover bedding, seeds, etc.? We might also get rid of the tank. Let me know and I'll get a list together of what we have.

02 June 2007

At roughly 8:00 this evening, my not-so-little brother Polarbear became a high school graduate. After he gets home from the lock-in tomorrow, he leaves on a road trip to Colorado with his girlfriend Gummibear and her family. After that, the world is his oyster.

Congratulations Class of 2007, and good luck in the future!

30 May 2007

(Using my married name) I have discovered that...

LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

27 May 2007

Funny video!

For all you Captain Jack fans. Enjoy!

12 May 2007

Musings on Moueska's Birthday Bash

My lovely friend Moueska celebrated her birthday last night at the Royal Dumpe Dinner Theatre surrounded by family and friends. There was great food, a great show, and tons of fun to boot! She and other celebrants got pulled up on stage because of birthdays, graduations, etc. They wanted a lady to help the jester do a magic trick, a guy to be Lord Keeper of the Salt, and a guy to help King Henry VIII raise the royal cheer. They also needed a lady to be Lady Keeper of the Garter, and the pianist pulled me up to the stage! The king was surprised to hear my age (I get that a lot), and jokingly said I must have been a child bride to be married for four years and to look so young. He put a pretty red and black garter on my leg to everyone's amusement, which I got to keep. ^_^ They also pulled up a teenage kid to put in the stocks that could only be freed from the kiss of a pure maiden (Grandma B). When that didn't work, all the ladies went to kiss him so he could be set free.

There were three serving wenches (I only remember Amanda and Polly), a jester (name escapes me), a guy named Itchy, Seymore the pianist, and of course, King Henry VIII. Jess took pictures of the king placing the garter on my leg that I'm sure will pop up everywhere. ^_^ In short, it was a blast, and I'd love to do it again.

Happy Birthday Moueska!

~Lady T, Keeper of the Garter and Supposed Childbride

08 May 2007

Tell them how much you care

This Friday is Provider Appreciation Day, so let your kids' daycare providers know how much you care about them!

We're celebrating all week at work. To all the other daycare providers out there, keep up the good work! ^_^

29 April 2007

Bye-bye birdies

Our little cardinal babies fledged on Wednesday and we haven't seen them since. Mira got some pictures from when they were just eggs, to pre-fledglings, to one of them before they all left. I watched another little guy Wednesday evening practicing his little heart out *jump* *flapflapflapflapflap* *jump* *flapflapflapflapflap* Haven't seen them since and wish them the best of luck.

Now we have the robins under the deck to contend with until they fly the coop.

26 April 2007

Harr harr!

New 30 Second Bunnies parody! Presenting: "Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2". Enjoy! ^_^

15 April 2007

Impending triplets!

Not for me though. We have a small fake tree on our front porch, and some cardinals thought it would be a great place to build a nest with three eggs in it. They've been there for at least a week, and I read that the incubation period lasts from 11-13 days, which means we might get to see some baby birds sometime this week!

I like to look out the window and check on the nest when I go up and down the stairs, and momma bird is usually there keeping them warm. If she gets startled (which usually happens when we use the front door), she flies off and comes back after a few minutes. I've only seen daddy bird a few times, but I know he's still around. I'm hoping once the eggs are hatched, they don't get defensive when we use the front door. We can't always use the garage while they're still around. I guess we'll see.

And if no one's heard yet, we got a new car! Well, new to us, anyway. Phil lost his little teal egg in an accident, so he has our red egg and we have a 1994 Honda Civic. We haven't driven it extensively since we just got all the stuff we need squared away, but we intend to soon. I'm so excited!

08 April 2007

17 March 2007

03 March 2007

Bittersweet birthday

Well, looks like Soot's an "only child" now. Our other hamster Pinky passed away sometime Friday. Soot seems to be handling it well, although I do notice that he tends to stop running in his wheel, like he's waiting for Pinky to jump in the wheel and try to take over. They used to do that a lot. I've decided that after Soot goes, I'd rather not have any more pets for a long time. It's a waiting game that I'd rather not play.

I had a pretty good birthday though! Hubby gave me a card and some beautiful roses the day before, and I got a couple other cards. The high school was having a craft fair that we went to check out, and ended up buying some coconut essential oil that we really liked. We've been looking for some essential oils for a while, and decided yesterday to check out Pathways and see what they had. We bought two vials of lemon oil, one wintergreen, and one sweet orange. We also saw Mr. H, one of my former English teachers! I was wondering if he still worked there, and it turns out he does. He remembered who I was, just couldn't remember my name. He also couldn't believe I was 24 already. ^_^

We headed over to Michaels to get some necklace fixin's so that I could have a chain for my new necklace that uses magnets instead of a regular closer. We were pretty hungry after that, so went to the mall to have some pizza from Sbarro's, and also ended up getting a milkshake each from Sonic. Hey, it's my birthday, it's time to splurge! ^_^ We were so tired and full from the running and eating that we ended up watching TV most of the night. My parents also called me later last night to wish me a happy birthday and to talk. By the way, thank you to everyone who contacted me and wished me a happy birthday!

Since we didn't get to eat cake last night, we'll do that later tonight. Milly bought me a small German chocolate cake and some ice cream. Yay!

15 February 2007

"Vamlumtime's Day is serious times"
(See TGS #12)

Valentine's Day was a pretty good day. All hubby wanted from me was for me to play some games with him before I left for work. Things weren't too bad at work. I was given some Valentine goodies from a couple of the kids, plus a rose from my boss (which I keep forgetting to bring home).

Hubby's friend came over, just like he does every Wednesday, which I didn't really mind. It was nice to have some me time. But I got a big surprise after he left. My sweet husband had a nice card for me, and something in a small giftbag. That something turned out to be a pretty three-stone necklace! I really wasn't expecting that. ^_^ Isn't he sweet?

31 January 2007

And the Most Choreographically Inept Award goes to...

Yours truly. Thank you, thank you...

I just tried two of the workouts on the other DVD that Lar lent me, and it felt like I was doing the choreography from Fame all over again: a step behind everyone else and horribly wrong. I watched all five segments before deciding that the last two looked the easiest. Hah! I can't say as I was impressed with this one. I like the Pilates one better.

28 January 2007

*wince* *ow*

If Joseph Pilates weren't already dead, I'd kill him.

I'm borrowing a couple exercise DVD's from Lar, and have done the Pilates one for the past couple days. My arms are pretty sore in spots, my legs are stiff, and my abs... oh my abs! I like this DVD though, so I'm thinking about buying my own copy. I figure if I keep doing it, it'll get easier and I'm hoping it'll pay off. Then maybe I'll get to liking Mr. Pilates and won't want to re-kill him.

Now I'm hoping the dance DVD will be just as good.

01 January 2007