23 November 2007

A great Thanksgiving!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We started out with a Thanksgiving lunch with the husb's family, then headed over to my parents' for dinner. Their new kitchen looks so beautiful! Mira was able to go with me to see my family, and he actually felt okay the few hours we were there. He's tired now, but I think it was worth it. Now if we could just have a repeat of that on Christmas.

14 November 2007


It seems my limited knowledge of Spanish (two years in high school, one semester in college) came in handy today. I was in a room of (roughly) 18-month olds and was told by the teacher in the room that we had a new boy who only spoke Spanish. I was very rusty, but was able to get some conversation out of him, thus making a new amigo. From what I understand, his mom is very fluent in English, but they speak Spanish in the home. I don't know if his mom is going to have him learn English at his own pace or what. Meanwhile, it's fun to practice Spanish again.

07 November 2007

Unexpected day off!

One of the gals who works in the office called this morning to let me know that there was no electricity in the building, so we have the day off. (We don't want baby-cicles, after all.) It should be back tomorrow, though.

The last time we had a day off for no electric was after that storm last summer, and that was only for a day, too. Oh well, it's nice to have an extra day off.

04 November 2007

So it's a day or so late...

Yesterday Mira took me to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery to visit the graves of my mom's parents and my dad's mom. (By the way, Moueska and Athene, I saw your grandfather as well. He says hi. ^_^) I hadn't been there since nana's passing, and that was almost four years ago. I didn't think about it until after the fact, but we were there the day after Dia de los Muertos, which is celebrated on the first two days of November in Mexico and Mexican communities. It's basically a celebration that honors the dead.

I know that my grandparents aren't at the cemetery, even though their mortal bodies are, but it's a nice way to reconnect with them and think about the lives they led. My grandfathers fought in WWII, Papa in the Air Force and Grandpa in the Army. Nana was a communications worker in Ireland and Grandma worked in an ammunition factory (which was recently torn down). My Grandpa is still alive, and the next time I visit JB will probably be after he's gone. But I hope to visit more often.