22 June 2004

Knowledge is Power!

I kid you not! It helps to have a friend who knows what you need to do to make something fit, and to have a source that tells you how to do it! I still have my website at Tripod, and it's okay for that, but the blog program wasn't all that great in my opinion. But I still refer to Webmonkey if I need help with html. Saves Moueska from having to tell me how to do a lot of it.

21 June 2004

I have PMS and a gun... Now what did you say?

I hate this, I really do. I have been very moody today. Snippy, to be exact. Feels like a good day on The Pill. I heard Meredith Brooks played on Music Match, and just had to sing along. Felt good...

We've been informed about something they just started doing at the Best Western near the house. For 6 months, M & I can go swim whenever we want at the pool and use the jacuzzi, for $125. We're still deciding whether we'd want to. It'd be nice if it included a room to change in, shower, etc. We'll go and ask some questions and then decide. It'd be nice, and it's very close! M thinks that swimming would help him get moderate exercise and be good for his back. So we'll see.

Went to the reunion this weekend. I had motion sickness for the first time in a long time on the way there, and slightly on the way back. I also got a little sun, despite the sun only coming out every ten minutes or so. Too bad that clouds don't block it out entirely... I had some fun though. Discussed genealogy with a great-uncle, my dad, my brother, and a great-aunt. I didn't swim in the Current river, but I did wade and found three interesting rocks. My dad went fishing with a cousin of his, and my brother had a couple girls that thought he was "a hottie" float by him down the river. He also made friends with some cousins. Lots of food to be had.

I don't know what the deal with Open Diary is. I have two friends that I check on, and I can't get to them, not even the main page. Sucketh...

My in-laws are leaving again. They'll leave tomorrow afternoon and come back Sunday. There's two family reunions out in Utah this week. M & I would go, but he doesn't fare well with the dry climate, and I want to stay with him. This should be fun.

17 June 2004

More Than $2 Billion to Public Education & Missouri!

So how much does my school district get out of it? A quarter?
Really now, I wonder why they make all the hoopla out of how great gambling is and how the community benefits from it. If it's true that some of the money that comes from gambling goes to the schools, then why did my school district have to keep passing bond issues to get money to advance technologically? I see it in other districts around me as well. "Thanks for passing Propositon P"! "Prop B passed! Way to go !" "Thank you voters for passing Proposition T!" I mean really. I don't see any benfits to the casinos in my community. Yeah, there's more jobs, that's true. But that's probably about it. Then there's litter on the streets from losing tickets, people who lost hundreds of dollars trying to win thousands; some people are lucky enough to win, and even that comes at a price.
I think that besides the increase in jobs, the only thing worth going to a casino for is $5 steak and lobster dinners. Oh yeah...

14 June 2004

I may be a Piscean, but...

I good swimmer, I am not.
I'm rewriting this. I had it all worked out, then for some weird reason, my page up and left me. And I hadn't saved it! Argh! So, to make a long story short, we went to Johnson's Shut Ins today and had a great time! We ate lunch on the way home because of the "friendly" buzzy bugs. The stingy ones, especially. The current was mighty, the rocks were slippery, and some of the pools too deep, but we had fun. There was this big rock slanted on some other rocks that made a small cave. We hid for a few minutes from the sun in there. Very cozy. We had to fill up the tank before we set out, then again at the same station on the way home. From fill up to fill up, it was a 173 mile trip. Just about four hours total in the car.

I think we might have a few more fry. I'm sure I saw three more last night. Until they grow up, we're not sure exactly what species they are. They're illegitimate fry! Our two guppies are supposed to be male, and neither of them looked pregnant anyway. We had another guppy, but it distappeared. I suspect the platy, before she died. M suspects the neons. Might even be the rasboras or the gourami. We had another gourami and a tetra, but we took them back when we found the fry. I guess we'll have to wait to see them grow up.

JR left this morning for basic. I hope everything goes ok with him. I freak out whenever my husband goes anywhere without me, driving wise, I can only imagine how Lar must be feeling for her husband to be gone for ten weeks, in any wise. Kiddo, if you need a shoulder, I'm available!

I guess our next big adventure will be to Meramec Springs. Well, unless we go to the family reunion this weekend, that is. The Current River. This is where my grandma (dad's mon) grew up. Very swift river. Very interesting family to go with it...

12 June 2004

Congrats! It's sextuplets!

Who am I talking about? Certainly not me, that's for sure! It's our guppies, The Cheat and Firebert (don't ask me which is which gender). I got up and looked into the tank this afternoon and thought to myself, "That's one lively piece of fish poop..." I got a closer look and noticed that it had fins! And eyes! Then I saw another one! Turns out we have six baby guppies. We have fry! How cuuuuute! As far as we know, there's six. If there's more, they like to hide. Now we have to find out what we need to do to take care of them. They're so cute and tiny! So tiny in fact, they get hard to see off by themselves. Usually they hang out in groups of two or more. Some will go off by themselves, but I think the bigger fish scare them and then they huddle together. They're so cute!
Now mom and pop guppy tend to hang around each other a whole lot more. They must want more...

10 June 2004

Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind, or There's Nothing To Do

I'm at my parents' home on their computer with a kitten attacking my feet. I've got a hole in the heel of my right purple with white stars sock that I didn't notice until I got to Wal*Mart to meet my mom and brother. She's looking to get curtains for the kitchen windows and getting rid of the big white shudders. I think it's a good idea, as it'll let the room look nicer and more open. Lar, her new husband, and their baby are at the other Grandma's, and I'm here. My clothes in the dryer might already be dry.

So, since I'm not tired, I'm on the computer and blogging, only because I've checked all the websites I needed to and the battery on my GameBoy went kaput on me. Since my staying the night was impromptu, I don't have anything with me that I need, like the charger for my phone (although I can borrow my dad's) or my GameBoy. I had to borrow a big nightshirt from my mom, plus a contact case and solution. Mom wants to go to Penney's or something tomorrow (she has the week off) and look for some curtains there.

We went to Syberg's for dinner this evening. M wasn't there, but I was, along with my family, JR and Brooke, and two aunts, an uncle, and a cousin, who left to go back out west about an hour or so ago. I got a shark steak, which was so awesomely good I couldn't finish it. So I'll take it back home with me because I told M that I'd bring him some. So he's got that, some fries, and a fruit cup. Yummy! ^_^ My brother decided to be a pill and hide the rest of my shark steak from me when I went to the ladies' room. Meanie. I killed him with kindness though, and gave him a backrub when we got home, which he thoroughly enjoyed. What can I say? I'm just that good. Well, according to my brother and my husband, at any rate. But that's gotta count for something, right? ^_^

Well, I hope you stuck with me on this post. Maybe I'll give a piece of gum or a cookie to anybody who finishes it all. You know, for continuing to read, despite the fact that it's just me rambling because I can't sleep. Thank you and goodnight!

08 June 2004

Weekend Nuptuals, Wizardry, and What To Do Next

The wedding was awesome. JR looked spiffy in his tux and Lar was just gorgeous. Brooke was just too adorable for words, as were the ring bearer and the train carrier. The groomsmen looked crisp in their tuxes, and the bridesmaids were all too cute for words. ^_^
I couldn't see Lar, but JR just had this look on his face that said, "I'm finally marrying the woman of my dreams". Just perfect. Now if only Brooke hadn't fallen asleep before we all filed in...

Went and saw the third Harry Potter movie. It was pretty good. It's a shame that Richard Harris died before the movie was made, but I think Michael Gambon did a good job replacing him. His voice didn't sound as soft as Mr. Harris' but he did look the part, so it worked. I liked the one ghost on the horse that ran off with another ghost's head. That was funny.

Tomorrow, weather depending, I'll go with my fam and some relatives who are in until Thursday to Syberg's. M would come along, but he has a friend coming over. Shark is so good! To me, if you were to mix chicken and fish, that would be close to shark. Very good stuff.

Something interesting needs to happen this summer. Yeah, Venus transiting with the sun is pretty cool, but I'll see it again in another eight years or so. The Josh Groban concert isn't until next month, as is the trip to Nauvoo. My sister and her family leave in August to move to Idaho, and I'll miss them terribly. Lar, be sure to keep us updated via the Goddess blog! This month is gonna take forever. That'll be good in respect to my sis moving, but not to everything else. I need some excitement, dangit!

P.S. Have you ever noticed the areas by the highways with the signs that say Prairie Rehab? Do you think that it's just an excuse to not have to cut the grass?

04 June 2004

I always cry at weddings...

Tomorrow's the day! My baby sister is getting married tomorrow! It's finally here. The day that Lar and JR say, "I do" and start their life together as husband and wife. This is sooo exciting! I remember a year and almost three months ago when M and I were married. We were so happy... I hope Lar and J are as happy as we were.

Lar, I love you! You're such a great sister. We've both grown from cute kids to beautiful women. I told M that he and J had a couple things in common: 1)They both like video (or computer) games, and 2)They both picked wonderful girls to marry. ^_^ Here's to many years of love and friendship over the years, and more in the years to come. Love ya.

JR, it's good to have you as part of the family. Good luck in the military! And take good care of my sister and niece out there in Idaho! You are the head of a beautiful family, and I hope you get that son you want, too. ^_^ (I'm not sure if you want a friendly, "Love ya" from me or not, so I'll just give you one of these

Alright everybody! Let's get out there and have that wedding! Congrats to Lar and JR!

The Infamous T

01 June 2004

New Member!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jess! We're so happy you could join us. ^_^