31 October 2004

Happy Halloween!

Friday night I went to a Halloween party at church. I was dressed all in black, so Mira dressed all in blue and we went as a bruise. ^_^ Saturday night, I went with my folks to their church Halloween party, and I went as "Cat" Ballou. I know, you're thinking, "What? I don't get it..." Well, I was just going to wear all black again, but my mom suggested I use a tail and ears she had and go as a cat. When I went to get the gear, I saw my dad's black cowboy hat, and that's when the inspiration struck! I also wore one of dad's belts (it was huge!) with a holster and a fake pistol. See, there was a movie made in 1965 called Cat Ballou, and it was about a gal whose father is murdered and she seeks revenge, all with two "minstrels" (Stubby Kay and Nat 'King' Cole) singing a ballad about her. I've never seen all of it, but my dad and Von's mom(who was there on Saturday) assure me that it's a funny movie, so I'll take their word for it. I was going to go to Lar's this evening, but I felt very nervous and unsure anytime I thought about going. (I'm sorry I didn't come, sis!) Most likely, nothing bad will have happened since I didn't go, but you can never be too careful. Hope everybody has (had) a good time!

27 October 2004

I love my hubby!

It's the little things in life that make you happy. Mira got home from the mall, he had gone to buy a new video card, and he told me he got me something. Something for me? How sweet! And boy was it! He said he had gone through the Hallmark store and saw this card that he thought would be nice. It brought me to tears, it was so sweet! It was a cute card by a lady named LeeAnn Ahem, and it was about seeing "an old couple holding hands" and "look[ing] forward to the privilege of growing old and holding hands". Awh!
Is there any wonder I love this man?

26 October 2004

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

They showed it tonight on ABC, a staple for quite a number of years now (copyright 1966). I was a bit upset, though. The TV versions of anything are hardly as good as the originals, and it was no exception this time. They totally blew off Charlie Brown's missed football kick, which is just not right! Not only that, but they didn't add Snoopy dancing with Schroeder's piano at the Halloween party. They did have the extended trick-or-treat scene, though. But big whoop. I'm just glad that they didn't cut Sally's "fury and a woman scorned" scene, which I've had memorized since I was at least Sally's age.

23 October 2004

Wishful thinking

I actally penned this at my mom's, since I had no way to post it on the net.

"I'm at my parents', listening to the Chicago soundtrack. The battery on my GBASP is low, or I'd be playing that. Meanwhile, it's fun to lip sync to the music, imagining that it's really my voice doing all the work. What is that effect that music, especially from a musical, has on me? It brings out my inner performer. Too bad my inner performer still can't sing and dance worth a darn. ^_^
Ah, the Cell Block Tango. Recently #10 on MSN's Top 10 Dance Sequences of All Time. Hey, at least it made it to the list. Of course the #1 sequence was Singin' in the Rain from the musical of the same name. No big surprise.
There are times I wish I had a great voice and could dance better. But until then (probably never), I'll just have to live with my fantasy."

19 October 2004

Phantom News!

The Phantom of the Opera is due here in the US 22 December for a limited time. Then it'll be back 21 January 2005. (The UK gets to see it a full 12 days before we do! So unfair...)
I decided to check IMDb and see if they had any updates on the movie, and there was this poster that intrigued me so much on another site. Man I really wanna see this movie!

11 October 2004

Spinal cord research spokesman and Superman dead at 52

Moueska beat me to it, but I'll post anyway. Christopher Reeve died yesterday at the age of 52. He had slipped into a coma after a cardiac arrest and never came out of it. My condolences to his family and friends.

09 October 2004

Page 23, sentence 5 meme
(I saw this on a blog of a guy/gal that left a comment on Moueska's blog, and thought it would be a fun thing to do.)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

My meme: "Or they may be converted into syrups by heating them with sugar or honey, making them more palatable for children." This was taken from Traditional Home Remedies by Martha White and the editors of The Old Farmer's Almanac. I don't know how this book came into my posession. I must have packed it with my other books before I got married. It's pretty cool. There's recipes on how to make rose water and sleep pillows and stuff like that.

06 October 2004

Yet another mournful day in Hollywood

Rodney Dangerfield may finally be getting some respect. He passed away yesterday at the age of 82. The world says "Goodbye" to one of the biggest comedians of our time.

05 October 2004

Thoughts on Halloween

26 more days until the spooikest day of the year and I'm still thinking of a costume. I though going as Morticia Addams would be kinda neat, but Lar thinks I may be too short. Oh well. Mira's growing out a goatee, just to see what it looks like. It works, so far. He's kinda thinking about going as Gordon Freeman, from the video game Halflife. I think he'd make a sexy Gomez though; he pulled off a mobster pretty well last year. But we'll see.

I got to thinking this afternoon about all the Halloween cartoons I've seen as a kid. We had a tape of different cartoons that we'd watch every year. I don't think I watched it last year, as I was away and married and didn't have the video. But when I go visit my family this week, I think I'll watch it. It started off with some Disney cartoons (not movies), then got into the good stuff. I don't remember the exact order, but it did have It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (which I know practically by heart), Garfield's Halloween Adventure, and a couple Halloween specials done by The Wonderful World of Disney when it was on tv back in the 80's. One of the Disney ones had the cartoon The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on it. I loved it.

On the radio: "Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child

04 October 2004

A few announcements

Happy birthday to my good friend Mel! She turns 21 today, and is now a full-fledged adult! Welcome to the club, girlie. ^_^

Hollywood mourns a loss today. Janet Leigh, known for the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller Psycho, passed on yesterday as a result of vasculitis (inflammmation of the blood vessels). She was 77. (Did you know that one of her two daughters is Jamie Lee Curtis? I didn't until today. If you look at a recent picture of Janet, you can kinda tell. Well, I can.)

On the radio: "So Far Away" by Staind