22 April 2005

I'm turning into my mother!

Mira picked me up from work so we could do some shopping for much needed household items, mainly for me (girlie stuff, body wash, hair stuff, etc. ). What should have been only about $85 turned out to be $230 worth of stuff! So what did we buy? Mainly clothes. ^_^ Mira got three (much needed) pairs of pants and five tee shirts with pockets, and I got three new tees myself. We also got an organizer for his Stikfas stuff, two Sharpies, a plastic spray bottle, and a few others. Oh, and has anybody been there recently? There's a small tan bird that lives there now. I saw him last week when I went there with my mom, and he was there again this time. We were in the jewelry department and he was by the spinning racks. He's so cute! ^_^
I got my paycheck from the Board of Elections Commissioners today, and my first paycheck from work, so I'll be able to replenish some of what we used tonight. ^_^
Work wasn't too bad. There were only three babies; Monet was sleeping, and Muse and Moe were in their saucers, so it was an easy day. I finally got my clock-in number yesterday, so I don't have to track what hours I worked now. After Moe's dad picked him up, I got Muse to take a small nap before her mother came and got her, and Monet was content to be held until his mom picked him up. I love my job, and the babies are so cute. ^_^
P.S. Congrats to Moueska on her new job! Way to go, kiddo!

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AtheneBelle said...

NEW JOB???? I didn't know this. She didn't tell me. I feel so left out!