22 January 2004

Happiness of happiness!

It seems that I will no longer be the only "old married lady" in my group of friends. I am happy to announce that my "big" sister is getting married! (No, she's not my older sister, but she acts the part better than I do.)

I'm also ecstatic that I will be one of her bridesmaids and Von will be her maid of honor. She's pushing for early June, so she has lots of time to prepare. (At least she gave our folks longer than 5-6 weeks. ^_^) Her daughter will be the flower girl, but since she won't be walking very well (she assumes), then one of her sisters-in-law will hold her hand and help her down the aisle. Everybody now, "How cute!" They also plan on moving to Idaho later this year, and her fiancé is vying for the National Guard, as well. Good luck you guys!

So yeah, we're all excited about that. That'll be two down, two to go for my folks. I wonder what they'll do with her old room. If the walls weren't purple, my younger brother could move in. Oh well, they'll figure it out soon enough.

Congrats to Lar & JR! Good luck in all you do!

The Infamous T

17 January 2004

"A Sewer Runs Through It"

As some of you know, one of my interests is genealogy. Late last semester, I found a book in the campus library that contained valuable information. (Feel free to read the first part of my post for 13 January to learn more.) In researching online and from past information I gleaned from my dad, I discovered that some of my ancestors, the Kaskaskia (Native American) side, at one point settled in an area near the River Des Peres. I used to think that the area was not too far from where I grew up. Apparently though, they had a village "five miles farther south on the bank of the River Des Peres, near where it empties into the Mississippi River", which they started about September of 1700. This village eventually turned into a Catholic mission, as the Jesuit priests were successful in converting the natives of the area to Christianity.

Of course, this piqued my curiosity of the river itself. In searching, I happened upon an article in the Riverfront Times about the river entitled, A Sewer Runs Through It (by Jeannette Batz). The link is at the bottom of this post. It was an interesting article, and the middle of it entails a short history about the river itself, and how it came to be the "River De Pew" that we now know it as. (Fun fact: It got it's name from the two French priests, Fathers Gabriel Marest and François Pinet, who helped to establish the mission. Hence the name, "River of the Fathers".)

"Take me back to Constantinople! .... That's nobody's business but the Turks!"

15 January 2004

Not Sold In Stores! Buy One Now For $14.95!

Right. We bought one at Target. For $5 less! You know those MicroTrimmers™ that they hawk on TV? Yeah, one of those. My other half bought one when we went to get Underworld (good movie). It works really well. I'm considering getting the ladies one myself.

We went to get our rings clean today, which we have to do every six months. One year ago today was when we bought them. ^_^ Has it really been that long? Saturday will be one year since he officially proposed. Then in early March, we'll celebrate our 1st anniversary. Time has gone by so quickly.

Anyway, no more sentimentality.

The Underworld DVD is ok. The movie in and of itself is really great, but the extras aren't that much to shout about. They have a music video, trailers for other movies (including trailer and a TV spot for the movie itself), and some behind-the-scenes type stuff, but not too terribly much. We got the only widescreen copy they had left on the shelves; all the rest were fullscreen. Yay, us!

It's nice to only have classes twice a week, but we still have to go to bed at a reasonable time the other days and wake up at reasonable times. Then the other days are devoted to homework. We don't get any other days off besides Spring Break, but the four day weekends all semester really make up for it. Speaking of which, where's my math book . . . ?

13 January 2004

So far, so good...

Well, I survived my first day. I have about a two hour wait before my first class started, because my other half has a class at 9:30, but mine isn't until 11:00. To combat boredom, I found Kaskaskia Under The French Regime in the library again, and wrote a few notes from the appendix. It has some family history in it; I have some ancestry from the Kaskaskia area, and there's some censuses in the appendix, along with some marriage records and baptisms from a few parishes in the area. My dad wanted this book for Christmas, but I guess I'll see about some other time. My only bet is to order it, as no bookstores I have been to have it.

Both of my teachers are unique in their own ways. First I have Elementary Algebra again. My teacher has this habit of nodding her head a few times after telling us something important. The last time I took this class, the homework we had mainly consisted of doing the odd-numbered problems with a few even-numbered ones added. This time, we have more even-numbered problems put in. It was a bit easier last semester because I could look up all my answers to make sure I did them right. It's a bit difficult to make sure I did the problem right if I don't have the answers to check. Other than that, this should be easier and I should do better.

My American History II teacher is a very interesting person, to say the least. He starts off class by having us close our eyes and clearing our minds. While we do this, he puts a slip of paper on each of our desks. Then he has us all open our eyes, look at the slip of paper, and write the first thing that came to our minds. He had written: The French, The British, The Germans, and The Americans, and wanted us to write three things about these people. Then he collected them and told us that he was psychic, and could read our minds and tell what kind of things we had written. It didn't go over too well; he demonstrated with the Germans and Americans. We guessed two of the American ones right, but only one German one. Then he told us a bit about himself. He said, "You'll notice something about me. I'm not from here. I'm from Oklahaoma." ^_^ He's actually of German descent, but grew up in Oklahoma. His accent is noticeable, but not thick. He wrote a book, but it was in German, so unless we knew the language, we couldn't read it. He also says he's working on writing a book about what Americans think of Germans, and some of the identities we assigned to them will go into his book. He likes to make small jokes, and only every once in a while do most people catch on to them. Along with our text, we also have to read four others: The Things They Carried, Inside The Vicious Heart, A Righteous Cause, and Southern Horrors and Other Writings. (This shouldn't be too hard... ^_^)

"Everybody do the Michigan Rag! Everybody likes the Michigan Rag!"

12 January 2004

Ida wanna!

Classes start tomorrow for me & m'hubby. Luckily, this semester we only go on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and have two classes each. I intend to get a better grade in Elementary Algebra, and to pass American History II. I wanted to take a few other classes, but by the time I knew that I could take classes and decided what I needed to take, some of the others were already filled up. Besides, it'll give me more time to study and do better. Hopefully.

P.S. - Congrats to my baby sister, who is now a licensed driver!

05 January 2004

Hey now!

Well, talk about feeling stupid! I finally figured out how to get to my comments on my old blog! I forgot about the pop-up stopper I have, and that I have to press the control key in order to pop up the ones I wanted. That's all I had to do to see my comments! What bugs me is the fact that I never had to do that before, even with the blocker. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Either way, it was difficult to get people to comment. The comment program at Tripod was tough to navigate, and I hardly had any. Man, that was annoying! At least SquawkBox is easier to get around. Well, it seems to work for Moueska, at any rate. ^_^
All things considered, what I have now is better. Meow. =^..^=

"What am I doing here? They say my famous tenant held down my husband and I chopped his head off. But it's not true. I am innocent. I don't know why Uncle Sam says I did it. I tried to explain at the police station but they didn't understand."

01 January 2004

Happy New Year!

First post of the new year! Ahhh.... (cracking knuckles)
Well, it's already 2004. Here we are, at the beginning of the new year. This time last year, I was a single woman, wondering how the relationship I was in was going to turn out. This year, I rang it in my husband. Last year was a good year for me. I finally had somebody to celebrate the new year, Valentine's day, and my birthday with, which I had never had before. I got married this last year, and I'd have to say that it was definitely the icing on the cake. Then my sister had her daughter, and I became aunt to another child, then two more followed from two of my SIL's, bringing the grand total to twenty-six. Although last year did have its downs as well. Not even a week after I got married, my mom's dad died from congestive heart failure. We visited him in the hospital the night that we got married. Then his wife died in November, a while before Thanksgiving. She even got to see her first granddaughter before she passed away, and was happy about that.
This past year brought about lots of headlines too, especially about getting Hussein. It was also the year of the trilogies, as both The Matrix and The Lord of the Ring were wrapped up (wonderfully, I might add).
Ups and downs included, 2003 was a good year. Hopefully 2004 will be even better.
Have a great year!
The Infamous T