03 March 2009

I don't feel 26

I had a pretty good birthday today. The husb gave me some blue hydrangeas, irises, and lilies, plus some little reddish-purple flowers and made me a cute card. My in-laws gave me a card and some money.

The girls at work surprised me with a cake and a card when I got to my room. The cake was really good: white cake with yellow frosting. We all had some and I brought the rest home to eat. I also got a scratcher card from one of the gals I work with whose youngest grandson is in my room. I didn't win big, but I did get something.

We had pizza for dinner and my mother-in-law bought a chocolate lover cake for dessert. Not only was it chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, it also had some Hershey's pieces on it. They weren't kidding when they said "chocolate lover". ^_^

My sister called while I was at work to leave me a birthday message, and various friends have posted birthday wishes on my Facebook and Myspace profiles. All in all, it was a good day. Now I'm looking forward to our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

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