21 March 2005

Wedding weekend!

Von got married to her sweetheart Drew this weekend, and they looked so happy! We dined and danced and had loads of fun at the reception. Von looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, the bridesmaids looked fabulous, the groom and his men and woman looked very spiffy in their tuxes and black dress, and the parents of both were thrilled to see their children united in the bonds of marriage.
Lar and I actually got our brothers to dance at the reception, and my folks cut up the floor during some of the four swing songs played in a row. Von even danced with my dad near the end, and I got to dance with a friend of hers. I even demonstrated how to scurry to Drac, which tickled him to no end. ^_^ It was a fun evening. I wanna do it again! ^_^
Anyway, good luck to Von and Drew and have a happy marriage!
The Infamous T

16 March 2005

I found a link to this neat time consumer on Moueska's profile at myspace. It's a fun doll maker! I made one of me and hubbymade one of himself, and I put them together. Whaddaya think? Posted by Hello
I feel intellectual...

I'm re-reading Les Misérables for the third time. I first read it in high school (in less than a week), then read it a second time sometime after I graduated, when one of Lar's teachers gave her a copy that she was getting rid of. Mira's been working on modding his Stikfas lately, and has wanted me to keep him company for a couple hours or so. So I read Heavenly Answers to Earthly Challenges by Joyce H Brown (a near-death experience), then decided to re-read Les Mis because I wasn't sure how long he would take to finish his mods, and the book has over 1000 pages, so I figured it would give me some time to finish.
The story I know and love is probably only half of the book, if that. Most of the rest of the book is filled with history, political talk of the French Revolution, etc. If you have the time and the patience, I recommend you borrow a copy from your local library. You can even read it online if you know where to look. But if you don't have the time or the patience, you can read an online Cliff's Notes-esque treatment at Spark Notes.

15 March 2005

My hubby brought these home for me yesterday, just because. ^_^ Posted by Hello

10 March 2005

Water, water everywhere

We all know that it's important to drink water everyday. One way to see how much water you should drink each day is to take your weight and divide it by two. Whatever the sum is, convert that into ounces and that's how much you should drink, or 64 ounces, whichever is more. For example, a 150 lb woman should drink 75 ounces of water (150/2 = 75), but a 110 lb woman needs to drink 64 ounces (110/2 = 55, which is less than 64).
I myself need to drink the minimum of 64 ounces. I have a bottle that holds a quart (32 Oz.) of water with a straw attached to it, and I need to drink two of those a day (I tend to drink it up very quickly that way). I usually end up drinking almost three because I tend to get very thirsty. I used to just ignore it and chew a piece of gum, but I don't do that as much now.
They say that drinking lots of water everyday will "help keep you hydrated and feeling fresh". I've been doing this for ten days now. When am I supposed to feel hydrated and fresh? I feel the same way I do every other day, I'm just more thirsty and frequent the bathroom more often. The only real improvement I know of is that my breath is fresher, which makes for a happy husband. Actually, it was per his request that I start doing this, since he's been doing it himself for a long time. It helps, since we're trying to be more healthy.
I know that I can't always be downing water, so I don't drink a ton if I know I'm going out somewhere and can't always trot off to the ladies' room. I just wait until I get home to drink the majority of my daily intake. It's kind of a hassle, but it's supposed to be good for you, so why the heck not? It's mostly free. ^_^
Anyway, just thought I'd pass on a bit of healthy helpfulness to others. Take it or leave it. ^_^

07 March 2005


We've been married for two years!

daisyPath Anniversary

The Infamous T

03 March 2005

I'm 22 now!

Twenty-two years ago, I made my way into this world, probably screaming my head off. Nowadays, I'm pretty quiet. (Don't ask me where I was going with this, because I have totally forgotten it myself.)
Anyway, I've had a pretty good day so far. I got an early gift yesterday from Mira. He wrote me a poem! It's so beautiful; it made me cry and I love him so much for it (and everything thing he is). We went out to the store last night to get some food for my birthday, and found some organic frozen cheese pizzas, which is great since we've been on an organic food kick since Monday. Our chiro suggested buying organic fruits and veggies for Mira since they're better and more nutritious (see previous post). They really do taste better, we've found. I also ended up buying a small Tippin's french silk pie for my dessert.
Then today, Milly gave me a nice card and some spending money for my birthday, which was really sweet of her (I love my in-laws). Mira and I went to take a walk since it was a pretty nice day, and mom got the pizzas out of the freezer to cook them up for dinner. It turns out that one of them had mold on it! So we went back to the store (no name mentioned, for the sake of the store) to return them, and the manager refunded the money and said we could get another one. So I ran off to get another, and when I came back, we opened it up to check on it and it was moldy too! So the manager went back and found two others (one spinach, one roasted veggie) that were in great condition and gave them both to us for free! The bad thing about organic foods is that there are no preservatives and such, so they don't have quite as great a shelf life as regular stuff. But they taste so good!
So we cooked all three pizzas, and they were wonderful! Mom was feeling kinda icky, so she sat and talked with us while we ate, and then I got my pie out to eat. The birthday song was sung, and I cut a slice for me and Phil, since Mira and Milly are trying to stay off sugar because it makes them feel icky. It was so good! Dad and I each had a third of one half, and I ate another piece since it was so yummy. By then, it was just us gals, so we talked for a bit, and I rubbed her back for her to help her feel better. She finally ate something and that helped, too, so she offered to do the dishes so I could veg out some more.
So now I'm going to go and hang out with my hubby, and wait for my parents to call and wish me a happy birthday. Monday is our 2nd wedding anniversary, and I'm so happy! I married a really great guy. Not that I'm partial or anything. ^_^ But I'll post on that later.
One year older and wiser,
The Infamous T