27 July 2004

Bored.com has some really great suff. The other day, it was Get Annoyed, where you could find fun things to do that really cheese people off. Today, it's Evil Rulers.com. I've only read If I Were the Evil Overlord, but I like what I've seen so far. If you have some time on your hands and/or you need a laugh, you just might enjoy this.

26 July 2004

This is a great website. 'Nuff said.

18 July 2004

Fly me up to where you are...

A handful of us went and saw Josh Groban tonight. That was such a great concert! It was me, my MIL, Lar, her MIL, and our mom. The tickets we had were for nosebleed heaven. On the way up the escalator, we saw a guy waiting at the top with tickets in his hand. "Ya want tickets for closer?" *eyebrows raise* He had tickets that were closer to the stage! How could we pass it up?! "What's the catch?" "No catch." Closer seats, here we come!
We kept our other tickets just in case these turned out to be fake or something. But as luck would have it, we had good seats. There was another empty row in front of ours and a few behind, so a couple of us spread out. The first act was a saxist named Mindy Aebair (?), and she was pretty good. She did about six songs, then there was a twenty minute intermission. My MIL got up to stretch her legs and walk around a bit, and found about eight rows of seats two sections over that were empty. So she asked some people sitting in the area if the seats were taken. "No, nobody has sat here yet." So off we went again, two sections to the left and a row forward. The stage could be seen a lot more clearly now. Yay!
Josh seemed like a very personable person. Some girls in the back yelled out, "We love you!" and he said, "Uh, thanks! I wish I had better things to say, but thanks!" At one point, he said that he was close enough to touch people's hands, and a lady in the front row held out her hand and he shook it. "Yes! Everybody else is always like, 'No...', but you guys. I just want to touch you..." So a couple others held out their hands and he shook them. He did five songs that I was not familiar with, but the rest I knew very well. He came back for two mini encores. The first time, he performed a song that Paul Simon did, then left. The second time he came back out ("Oh you guys! You guys are collectively, The Man!") and did another song that I liked, and that was that.
We had a great time! When we were trying to get out, we drove by this empty parking lot that had a limo in it, and there was a guy that we figured was him, getting his picture taken with a girl. We weren't going anywhere quickly (concert traffic, you know?), so Lar yells out the window, "Marry me!" Then her MIL yells out, "No, don't do it! Run, Forrest, run!" Even if it wasn't him, we sure got some attention. He looked back and had this look that probably said, "What the crap?" (Mr. Groban, if you ever see this, we were just kidding! We're not really like that. Well, most of the time... ^_^)

14 July 2004

Relief in sight?

My FIL may have something that can make my husby feel better. He wrote out a prescription for a muscle relaxant for him. He took it last night and was totally out of pain! He was a bit nauseous this morning and slightly dizzy (side effects), which prompted him to get up about nine this morning. He was only nauseous for a bit though; as the morning wore on, he began to feel better. He took another one this morning to see how that would affect him. So far, he seems to be okay. It lasted him a good twelve hours or so. I rubbed his back last night before we went to bed, and his left shoulder was just a field of knots. This morning, nothing. No knots! I was a bit worried though. My dad had problems when he went off of vellum (needed it for some pain he was having), and I was worried that this might happen with M. He said not to worry, that he would be okay. I trust him.

Popcorn has just been having the time of his life recently. We got him one of those run around balls, and we put him in there and let him run around during dinner, sometimes even lunch or something. He likes it, but always wants to get into corners, especially in my miles office/sewing room, where he hides behind the sewing cabinet. He actually got out this morning! I went to look for him and the ball was back there, the lid was off, and no Popcorn! The little villain! I opened the bottom drawer to see if maybe he squeezed in there, and M saw him under the drawer! So I slowly closed it and out he ran. We gave him a tiny slice of apple, and he seemed to like that. He's just so cute! When I figure out how to put pictures up, I'll post one of him.

In the meantime, we're gonna go and register for the swim club at the hotel near the house, then M's friend is coming over later and they'll game to their heart's content, while I put in an appearance at my folks'. I have a bag of stuff I keep meaning to bring back to them and keep forgetting about. I will do it this time. I promise! ^_^

13 July 2004

The Voice of T... Revealed!

I just set up audioblogger. Finally, The Voice of T is revealed! View my complete profile, if you dare! Mwahahahaha! Um, uh, I mean, .

10 July 2004

And the name is...
Popcorn! *dadaaaa!* Why exactly did we name him Popcorn? Because when he burrows under his bedding, he pops up and looks like popcorn, especially when the bedding pops up with him.
P.S. Moueska, Fuzzy was a cute idea! Get Fuzzy, heehee...

09 July 2004

New pet!

M & I had been discussing it for a while, and finally went ahead and did it. We bought a cute little dwarf hamster! We haven't named him yet, but he's the cutest little thing. We got him at Petsmart when we went to return a filter for one of our aquariums. We also bought two rosy reds for the 10-gallon.
Well, sorry for the short post. Talk atcha later!

08 July 2004

I saw Cats at the Muny!

A couple friends got to meet Ken Page, who reprised his role as Old Deuteronomy, and got his autograph and those of a couple other actors. I wanted to, but I figured the actors were tired and wanted to go rest, so I just hung back. But I did get to see Ken Page, not upclose but close enough, and that was enough for me. He's a local boy, which had to be neat for him. I mean, repeising a tole that you originated in your hometown. That must have been good for him.

I saw one of my brothers-in-law and his family. We all landed in the free seats and passed around binoculars. Mom had also packed us up with food and drinkage. The performance was excellent. Judy McLane portrayed Grizabella wonderfully. She gave me chills with the lines, "Touch me! It's so easy to leave me alone with the memories of my days in the sun." They did Growltiger's Last Stand, which I had never seen before, and that was excellent. Lar's sister-in-law was gaga over Jim Newman as Munkustrap. Some of Von's guy friends were very impressed with The Rum Tum Tugger, as played by David Hibbard. Overall, I was pleased with the whole thing. The bathroom line was ridiculous, and I missed the first 8-10 minutes of the second act as a result, but other than that, it was a good night.

I would love to be in musical theatre, especially Cats, if I could get away with it. I've got the acting down pretty good, and I can be an expressive singer. However, I cannot carry the bucket the tune is in, I had a rough time trying to get my choreography down for the two high school musicals I did, and I'm not that flexible. I'm taking a voice class this next semester to see how well I can do, and if I do okay, I might take Voice II after that, but it all depends. My mom says my tones are good, but I don't always get the notes right. I concur! That's why I'm taking the class; to better myself. As for dancing, I think I could do well. The problem I see is that a lot of the dancing one sees in theatre is probably ballet, or has some balletesque feel to it, and I'm not so sure I could do that well. But hey, one can imagine.

01 July 2004

Everybody loves Aunt T!

I stayed at my mom's last night. It was good to be with my family. I hadn't planned on staying; One of M's friends came over to hang out, and I figured I would pop over for a few hours. But then I called home and M said that my glasses (I got new frames to wear at home) were in and his back was hurting, so would it be okay if I stayed with my family, then he'd pick me up the next day and we'd get my glasses on the way home? Sounded good to me, so I borrowed a nightgown from my mom and stayed up most of the night on the internet, then fell asleep on the couch for a few hours.

My sister woke me up around eight or so and said she had to run out really quick, and could I watch me neice, who was still asleep? I went in and Book was asleep, so I curled up next to her for a while. Then she woke up, looked around a bit, popped her pacifier in her mouth and curled up next to me. She must have slept for another half an hour or so, then woke up before Lar got home. Later, Lar had to go out again. My brother held Book for a while, then gave her to me while I was playing solitaire. After playing a few rounds, she had fallen asleep and I tried to put her down in her crib. No such luck, she started crying, and I took her into the living room and lied down on the couch with her for about 45 minutes. M came to get me about threeish or so so we could go to Wal*Mart, then home. I made the mistake of going to wave bye-bye to Book. She started screaming and crying! So I went to her and held her a bit, then gave her to Lar. When she saw that I was leaving, she started up again! I started to cry! I saw her at the front door looking out when we were leaving and she had the saddest look on her face. Man, if I'm this bad leaving my neice, I can only imagine leaving my kids will be like.