29 April 2004

Quick Update

Basic ideas: Took Mr. T back, too aggressive. Bought big rocks, made cave for fish. Fish recognize us as their owners: "We're not feeding you every time we pass the tank!" Guys poured new driveway, looks neat. Dad got a new computer, family happy. Home page hijacked for the third freakin' time (!), switched to Mozilla from IE. Algebra test tomorrow: HELP!! Last weekend alone with hubby, woohoo! I'm turning into my mother: Go to the store for a few things, practically fill the bottom of the shopping cart. JR's sister CJ engaged, Congrats!

*whew* Hope that's it.

Wait! TCM rocks!


27 April 2004

What the crap again?!

Now that I've checked with SquawkBox to see if I'm ok, and I've posted my last post, they've come back! This is kooky! I'm thinking maybe I should write down all my comments, just in case they go away again. Weirded out...
Hey now! What the...?!

I tried to see my new post to make sure it got on ok, and all my comments disappeared! What the crap?! This sucks! My account doesn't expire until 10 December! Why I oughtta...
More Fishy Adventures

It's been interesting since Saturday. We've gotten four other fish, taken one back and gotten another, and did some redecorating. We added two more cichlids Monday morning: a big purple one with a black stripe on his top fin that we named Stiny (short for Frankenstein, because his head kinda looked like a Frankenstein head) and a smaller purple-ish one with a blue-ish top fin that we named Spaz because he changes direction every few seconds and is very hyper.
Later we added an albino cichlid who’s about half ‘Dini’s size and another orange-ish peach cichlid and he’s probably about the size of Hurricane. The albino one we named Herbie, after The Love Bug. But later, M started calling him Kirby instead, so that name kinda stuck. The peach one we just named Dude, because when he swims, it looks like a surfer riding the waves.
After deciding that Stiny just didn't look right in the tank, M took him back and traded him for Mr. T. He is a bit bigger than the others, flesh-colored, has a yellow top fin, and in the right light, his eyes look blue. We called him Mr. T because his top fin looked like a mohawk. At first, Houdini was the lead fish. He may still be in a way, but Mr. T is working his way up. He's comandeered the tree and only lets specific fish in, depending on his mood. Last night it was only Bubbles. This morning he was generous enough to let Spaz in as well.
Today, he went and bought a background to put behind the tank that looks like rocks. It's really neat. So we're now up to seven cichlids, two rosy reds, and one betta.

Next week is my last week of classes, then finals are the week after, then I'm free!!! Woohoo! But it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, and her part is a couple scenes away. So, if you don't see me post that often (more so than usual), then wait until after 13 May. Then maybe I just might have more time to blog. That is, as soon as something interesting happens that is worth blogging about.

24 April 2004

Run of the house!

I have neglected to mention a piece of good news in my last post. It seems that our Athene is enaged! Congrats, sweetie!

As of Wednesday morning, M and I have the whole house all to ourselves! The in-laws left for Hawaii, so we'll have complete run of the house until 5 May. We haven't burned the house down (yet), but I'm confident the new additions will still be there when his folks return. And since we have use of all three vehicles, I've gotten to drive a bit! My FIL took me out driving last Friday, and M had me do a bit today. I was such a nervous wreck! Why do I get so nervous and wound up?! I don't like it one bit...

We also have a few new fish: two more cichlids (besides Hurricane) and two Rosy Reds. The three cichlids are now in a 29-gallon tank in our bedroom, and the two Reds are in a little one-gallon tank upstairs next to Betta. The other two cichlids are named Bubbles (like the fish in Finding Nemo, he likes bubbles), and Houdini (he likes to hide and pop out unexpectedly). 'Dini is the smallest, but he's practically the ringleader. We haven't named the Reds yet, but we'll probably wait for that (they were only 12¢ at PetsMart).

We saw a couple cute movies this week. Monday night we went to Fuddruckers for dinner because M's birthday was Sunday (he's 24!), and then went and saw Ella Enchanted. It's funny! Then tonight, we went and saw 13 Going on 30, which was also very cute. There were a lot of teenie boppers there to see that movie tonight (like every Friday night at Ronnie's). But we survived. I think that me, M, and some of the adults really understood some of the jokes. AS long as you know who Rick Springfield is, you should do all right. I recommend both movies, as long as you think you can stand a younger age group (think Junior high.)

Guess I'd better head off to bed. We're having a small dinner with my folks tomorrow and then I'm going to a birthday party for Bookie that Jess is throwing. Have a great weekend!

12 April 2004

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Happy Easter, everybody! Or Happy Passover. Or any celebrations this past weekend.

Sad News: Weird Al's parents have passed away. They were found in their home Friday morning, the cause being carbon monoxide poisoning. Our hearts go out to his family in this trying time.

Not So Fun News: We got some tests back from our chiro. Turns out that my darling husband M is very close to chronic fatigue syndrome. His adrenals are shot, and his cortisol levels are dangerously low. Even though he gets as much sleep as he can, he never feels rested. And since his cortisol level is so low, his body isn't healing as well as it should be, which is why his back keeps going out. We have him on some herbal sleep aids to help revitalize his sleep and build up his adrenals, and he should start to feel results in about 3-6 weeks.

Happy News: It seems that this summer is wedding season. I met my nephew's fianceƩ. She's such a sweeheart. Also, a friend of M's is getting married in July. We haven't met her yet, but we did see some pictures. Weddings, weddings, everywhere!

Also in the news, I'm thinking about removing the comment system on my site, at least temporarily. Too many posts have gone by without comments. I know that many are busy, but it's kinda depressing when I don't even have a dropped note saying, "Hi!" (Personal note to Von: I keep trying to leave notes on your blog, but it always says that I have logged out of the program.) Please let me know if anybody has any comments about it.

This is The Infamous T signing off. Thank you and goodnight!
Adventures in Fish-Keeping

When I first started posting this, I had a bunch written down. Then I accidentally pushed some of the wrong buttons and my page ran away! And I didn't save any of it! Crap!

Starting over: M has oficially decided that keeping fish as pets is no easy hobby. Basically, after Kitty died, we bought some new fish. We got two neon tetras and put them in with Hammy, but one died because we think he got too cold (turns out we forgot to notice that they're tropical fish) and the other one got eaten by Hammy! Cannibal!

After that, we bought a betta that we named Betta, then two African cichlids, Spitfire and Hurricane. Betta is a bluish-purple, but gets red when he fans out. He freaks out whenever he sees the multicolor light that we put near his bowl, and fans out, thinking it's another male betta. The cichlids are yellow (Hurricane) and black-white-striped with a slight purple sheen (Spitfire; I nicknamed him Kamikaze because he jumped out of the tank when we tried to clean it once). Along with that, we also have three snails: Noo-noo, Vegan, and Speedy. Then Hammy died Easter morning from ick, a disease that fish get. It involves parasites, very "icky" (no pun intended). Betta's been okay. We keep him in our bedroom and M frets over him, as it's his favorite fish.

Unfortunately, it's a bit harder to keep tropical fish in a one gallon tank without a heater (the water needs to be between 72°-78°F). After Spitfire and Hurricane give up the ghost, we'll probably just keep fish that can withstand colder temps (64°-72°F). That, or maybe we'll just get goldfish; they're only 12¢.

So, this is our adventure in fish-keeping thus far. Feel free to keep up if you wish.

04 April 2004

We dot feedies!

I know what you're all thinking. "What has she been smoking?" ^_^ Oh, you know, the usual: Nothing!

"So what's that all about", you ask? "Feedies" is what I used to call fish as a little girl. Thursday, after dropping me off at school, M (I'll just call my husband M from now on) went to Wal*Mart and got two fish: one's a small tetra who's kinda clearish-green with a green stripe on his back that we named Hambone (we wanted weird names for our fish) and a small goldfish that we named Kitty. We quickly ran into some problems, as Hammy kept nipping off bits of Kitty's tail, thinking it was a huge flake of fishfood! We transfered Kitty to a glass cookie jar that we converted into a fishbowl, but she wouldn't eat. She died this afternoon, we're sure mainly because she wouldn't eat and (as we found out this afternoon after researching online) that she didn't get enough air (we didn't have another air pump, but we had read somewhere that goldfish occasionally come up for air). We now want to buy some other fish, prefferably a betta to put in the cookie jar, and a couple other tetras that are small and have bright colored top halves that look like they glow. We found this neat store waaaay the heck down Gravois called AquaWorld, and we would recommend it for anybody in St. Louis who wants to buy a fish or two.

So what else is new? Mom has this week off, so I'm going to find out what day the girl Lar babysits is not there, and commandeer my family for a couple days. Oh! And I found out from one of my BIL's (brothers-in-law) that my oldest nephew, who is a year or so older than I am, proposed to his girlfriend and they set a date for 7 August! I'm so excited for them! He had asked her what she wanted her ring to look like, and had one custom made for her. She went with his family to visit family out west, and he proposed to her in the mountains near Bear Lake in Utah (she wanted to be proposed to in the mountains). Apparently, she had no clue as to what was going on. Yay for them!

Well folks, that's it for now. Take care and have a great day!

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