17 March 2009

Tabhair póg dom, táim Éireannach!

That's "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" in Irish Gaelic.

St. Patrick's Day 09

"May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you're dead."

08 March 2009

In the meantime...

I suppose I can try just getting something out there every once in a while, so I thought I'd talk about something I thought about a few days ago.

I turned 26 this week, and I still don't drive. I let my permit lapse almost two years ago. I had renewed it every year since I turned, like, seventeen or so, but didn't do much driving for a long time. I wanted to let it lapse so I could retake the permit test, then go on to get my license. Now it's almost two years and I still haven't done so.

So, I have the website for the driver's guide, which I can read online. I intend to have my permit in the first week or so of April, then to hopefully have my license by the end of the year. So, wish me luck!

03 March 2009

I swear I never meant to let it die...

So I'm thinking about closing down my blog, unless I can think of some way to get blogging more often. I don't know how many people read this anymore anyway. I started this when the whole blogging thing started getting popular and just about all my friends had one so we could keep up with each other. Now I have Myspace and Facebook to keep people updated, and Myspace has a blog option, which I don't use much, either.

Anyway, I'll just have to wait and see how it goes. If any of my friends still read this, I hope they'll send me some kind of feedback. I don't know how long I'll wait to see whether or not I want to keep blogging here, but I'll post something once I make a decision.
I don't feel 26

I had a pretty good birthday today. The husb gave me some blue hydrangeas, irises, and lilies, plus some little reddish-purple flowers and made me a cute card. My in-laws gave me a card and some money.

The girls at work surprised me with a cake and a card when I got to my room. The cake was really good: white cake with yellow frosting. We all had some and I brought the rest home to eat. I also got a scratcher card from one of the gals I work with whose youngest grandson is in my room. I didn't win big, but I did get something.

We had pizza for dinner and my mother-in-law bought a chocolate lover cake for dessert. Not only was it chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, it also had some Hershey's pieces on it. They weren't kidding when they said "chocolate lover". ^_^

My sister called while I was at work to leave me a birthday message, and various friends have posted birthday wishes on my Facebook and Myspace profiles. All in all, it was a good day. Now I'm looking forward to our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday.