04 August 2009

It's August! And you know what that means...

Yes, besides the lack of recognized holidays. It means that Halloween stuff should be cropping up soon. *happy dance* I noticed last year at Sam's that they started putting up Halloween stuff about mid-August. I'm so excited! (And ragweed season unofficially kicks off on the 15th, but that's a subject for another day.)

I have a costume in mind, but I seriously doubt I'll have it done in time for this year, so I might have to wait another year or so. I want to do a female Red Death, a lá The Phantom of the Opera. I originally wanted to incorporate both the original book by Leroux and 2004 movie versions, but I'm considering just going full Leroux. I originally wanted to have a red dress, some kind of hairstyle, the half-skull mask from the 2004 movie, and the cape from the book ("Don't touch me! I'm Red Death stalking abroad!). But I'm considering a big hat instead of a hairstyle (since Erik didn't have a lot of hair), maybe some make up or skull-like mask, and gloves with a bone design on them.

There's a blouse and skirt that I have my eyes on (the burgundy one; I'm going for a Victorian era look), but I'm not totally sold. I also think I'd have to wait until closer to Halloween to thoroughly check and see if all I want is available, which is why I'd have to wait until next year to do this costume. In the meantime, I guess I'd better try and find an alternative, hopefully something other than my Renfaire garb (and Pirate Fest costume); I think I've overdone it a bit in the past couple years.

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