22 July 2006

What a storm!

We're all ok, no bodily damage during the storm, but we did lose a tree in the backyard that might have smushed part of the house, had it not been for the shed. We lost our power about eight or so Wednesday night, then got it back Thursday morning about four. Our A/C was making noise because it was covered in tree branches! So Mira and I stayed up until five in the morning getting the branches off the A/C so it would work better. I didn't work Thursday or Friday because we didn't have power. Good thing I had been going in an hour early the three days before, which covered Thursday and part of the Friday I had lost time. Unfortunately, we didn't have cable or the 'net, so things got rather boring around here very quickly.

Things were going fine until Friday afternoon about 1:30, when we lost our power again. Thankfully one of my brothers-in-law had cut away a majority of the branches in the backyard before that. Mira wanted to get out of the house, so we went out for about six hours (some places had power, some didn't) and got home to a cool house that night. Our power came back at six this evening while Mira and I went out again (Milly called to let us know we had power). Thankfully Ted Drewes had power and wasn't to busy so we could get some frozen custard. I have discovered that strawberry and Oreo make a great combination. Even the husb liked it! He also got some lemon and mint so he could have some at home.

My family still doesn't have power, so they're staying elsewhere for a while. But they're ok, Lar and her family are ok, we're ok, and my in-laws in the area are all ok. We still have our homes and our lives, which are very important.

08 July 2006

Thursday and Friday were really good days this week! Thursday was a girls night with Jess, Von, Kristen, and Lar. Lar got me from our parents' house and we got to Jess's about the time Alicia and Rhema got there. I hadn't seen Alicia since Lar graduated high school and had visited with Rhema earlier this year. Moueska was there, but had to leave for another outing, and Rhema had some dental work earlier that day, so she and Alicia left before the rest of us did.

We ended up going to a pub & grill called McGurk's, and sat outside, which was really nice. There was a very pretty fountain behind our table with what looked like koi. We sat around for more than two hours talking and having a drink. We got there after the kitchen closed, so we stopped on the way home for chickenburgers, went back to Jess's, then Lar took me home.

My mom had called Thursday to see if we wanted to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest the next evening, and I was surprised that Mira actually wanted to go! So he picked me up from work, we stopped at Taco Bell for something quick to eat since we needed to be at the theatre before seven, and off we went! Mom met us inside to give us our tickets and to lead us to our seats. (Review later) I had to rub Mira's back a few times, but he sat through the movie and even decided to go out afterwards!

We splurged on Ted Drewes; he got one raspberry and one mint, and I got chocolate Oreo. He requested a lemon flavor, since it wasn't listed, and sure enough, they said they had it! So he had the lemon and mint which actually taste good together, and I had the chocolate Oreo and the raspberry, which also makes a good combo. We stopped for gas afterwards and went home.

He had some energy from all the sugar, so we set some hamburger patties out to thaw and went on a long walk. When we got back, we made our burgers and watched the season premier of Psych that he taped earlier that evening. It was a great show! I'll definitely want to watch more of it.

Now on to my POTC:DMC review. Let me start out by saying that it was a pretty good movie, which means I didn't feel like walking out and never coming back. It had its moments, but most of the jokes were built off of the jokes in the first movie, and it seemed too silly. The CGI was pretty good and the action sequences were well done, especially with the appearance with the Kraken. Some parts were predictable, but there were other scenes where what I thought would happen didn't even come to fruitition. I didn't expect it to end the way it did. By the way, stay through to the end of the credits for an extra scene. So I liked it, but it's not the best movie I've ever seen. I'm waiting for the third installment next year, so we can get all those loose ends tied up.

04 July 2006

03 July 2006

The flames at last consumed us!

Mom called me up last week, wondering if I'd be interested in seeing Phantom of the Opera on Saturday. Need she have asked? So I stayed the night Friday and Lar, mom, Rosie, and I saw the afternoon matinee. We were far back, and not totally in the center, but just a scooch into house right. Lar and I wished we would have brought binoculars, but didn't think about it. We said last time we saw it that we were going to dress up to see it again, but ended up not doing so. Maybe next time... ^_^

Our Phantom was John Cudia. He almost knocked Ted Keegan down to second on my favorite Phantom's list (in regards to voice), but Ted keeps the #1 spot because I got to hear his sexy evil laugh before the chandelier fell. John's voice, even though a tenor, seemed a bit deeper than Ted's, and that's what got him up there. I have a thing for baritones, and while John's not a baritone, he got deep enough to keep me glued to his voice. I just checked the Playbill from when I saw the show four years ago, and found out that John was Raoul when I first saw the show, and an understudy for Ted Keegan! How cool is that?

Our Christine was Jennifer Hope Wills. I have no clue where she originally fit in, as she's not listed anywhere in the program, except on the little cast change slip, but she did a good job nonetheless.

Kate Wray was Meg at our performance (cast change). I'm used to thinking of Meg as a young girl, and Kate had a more mature voice, which while lovely, didn't really fit the character of Meg, at least in my opinion.

Originally an understudy for Carlotta, Kimilee Bryant filled in the roll at our performance. I think she had a very powerful voice.

John Whitney was our Piangi. He hit and held a really long, low note during "Il Muto" and got a big round of applause when he finished. Lar says he reminds her of Ken Page; I concur.

Adam Monley was our Raoul, and did a really good job.

DC Anderson reprised his role from four years ago as Monsieur André.

Patti Davidson-Gorbea also reprised her role from four years ago as Madame Giry.

After being serenaded by beautiful voices, we stopped over at Ted Drewe's for ice cream and hung out at home watching funny internet video until Rosie left. I found a couple by another one of my favorite male singers, Michael Ball. I first saw him on the 10th anniversary concert video for Les Misérables as Marius, and have been in love with his voice ever since. It helps that I also think he's adorably cute. ^_^

Saturday was a great day!