22 July 2006

What a storm!

We're all ok, no bodily damage during the storm, but we did lose a tree in the backyard that might have smushed part of the house, had it not been for the shed. We lost our power about eight or so Wednesday night, then got it back Thursday morning about four. Our A/C was making noise because it was covered in tree branches! So Mira and I stayed up until five in the morning getting the branches off the A/C so it would work better. I didn't work Thursday or Friday because we didn't have power. Good thing I had been going in an hour early the three days before, which covered Thursday and part of the Friday I had lost time. Unfortunately, we didn't have cable or the 'net, so things got rather boring around here very quickly.

Things were going fine until Friday afternoon about 1:30, when we lost our power again. Thankfully one of my brothers-in-law had cut away a majority of the branches in the backyard before that. Mira wanted to get out of the house, so we went out for about six hours (some places had power, some didn't) and got home to a cool house that night. Our power came back at six this evening while Mira and I went out again (Milly called to let us know we had power). Thankfully Ted Drewes had power and wasn't to busy so we could get some frozen custard. I have discovered that strawberry and Oreo make a great combination. Even the husb liked it! He also got some lemon and mint so he could have some at home.

My family still doesn't have power, so they're staying elsewhere for a while. But they're ok, Lar and her family are ok, we're ok, and my in-laws in the area are all ok. We still have our homes and our lives, which are very important.

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