31 May 2005

Ren Faire, baby!
I went to the RF on Saturday and had a blast! I thought it was just going to be a bunch of us girls with my mom, but my dad and brothers ended up going, so it was my whole family, JR, Book, Jess, and Von. It was $9 for students, and since we all had coupons, Jess and I each paid $7. And they didn't even ask for our ID's. ^_^
Lar, Book, Von, Jess, and I separated from my family and we ended up going our own way. We saw a cute Punch and Judy show while resting our tired feet, had some lunch, saw some jousting, and had a grand time looking at the clothes and jewelry.

I even bought a dress that I just had to get! This is my biggest splurge for a while. ^_^ Posted by Hello I wore it around the rest of the day, carrying my pants in a bag they gave me, and forgetting to bring it with me on a few occasions. I contemplated getting a hair stick, but ended up not buying it. Jess and I stopped at an essential oil and incense stand and smelled all sorts of pretty scents for a few minutes. I have always thought that honeysuckle and lilac would make a good perfume, and it does. Von said she'd have to start saving money now for next year. That doesn't sound like a bad idea.
I called Mira and asked him if he wanted me to get him anything, but he wasn't too interested. But just about everybody bought something. Jess bought a pretty silver rose ring, Book got a cute fairy skirt, and Von bought a hair wreath that looked cute on her and one sexy stiletto dagger. My dad bought a whip and a dagger, Whiteshark got the same dagger (if you've seen Spider Man 2, then Harry Osborn has the same one near the end of the movie), Polar Bear got a sword, and mom bought a maroon dress that looked great on her. Jess took a picture of me and my mom in our dresses.
So now I have a costume if I need one, and something to wear to next year's Faire. I can't wait!

19 May 2005

Just thinking...

I've often wondered if any of the guys I went to school with ever thought I was attractive, but didn't do anything about it. Has anybody else ever had that thought? I mean, not dating in high school wasn't really a big deal, mainly because I wasn't that interested. But I often wonder what experiences I would have had had I dated somebody from school. Am I alone in the world with this thought? I don't know why I've thought about it, but I have.

Anyway, how about an update? Work is going well. Monet's mom got a job at another daycare, so she was able to take him with her to work. He's been gone for a couple weeks now. Then Ross, who comes T-W-Th, is moving to the next room at the end of the month since he'll be 8 months old. He's trying to crawl, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. Just about all of the kids have been sick one way or another for about the last two weeks or so with coughs, ear infections, and congestion. So far I've been spared any sickness from it. ^_^

Last night, I checked one of the networking sites I belong to, when I saw I had a message. The subject was, "Pobrecito?" I just about screamed, "It's my Pobrecito!" He was in the same graduating class as Lar, we were in a musical together ("Groovy!", my junior year, his freshman year), and did "Screw Crew" a couple times as well (the set builders for the plays). I checked his Yahoo profile, and he's in the same place as my friend Ry! When I get a hold of him, I'll have to ask him if they know each other. That'd be so cool. The difference is that Ry is in the Army national guard, while Pobrecito is in the Marines. He also said that he'll be leaving for Iraq in the spring. I wish him luck.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm going with my family to see Episode III on Saturday, so that should be fun. Hopefully it'll be better than the first two.

11 May 2005

Welcome to legality...

Moueska turns 21 today! Happy Birthday, Feliz CumpleaƱos, and all that jazz. ^_^
~The Infamous T

07 May 2005

Got my future-Mother's Day gift!

Phantom of the Opera on DVD, of course. ^_^ I was happy to get it, even though I knew what it would be. I can't wait to watch it.
Hitchhiker was good. I loved the bits that those who have seen the miniseries would understand. There's a rumor that there might be another four installments, each following the other four books. That'd be neat. I really was looking forward to seeing Milliway's on the big screen, though. Now I have Corpse Bride and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to look forward to. Yay!
We found a millipede last night and decided to see if Popcorn would eat it. He did. He also enjoyed a taste of freedom a few minutes ago: we took him outside to let him run around a bit. Needless to say, he loved it. But he kept running out into the street, so we brought out his ball and let him run in that outside as well. He wasn't too happy, but he did enjoy being a free man... er, hamster. He got really hyper, and would jump out of our hands to get away. He fell a foot from my hand to the sidewalk, but he's not broken, so I'm happy. He also tried burrowing in the grass, but he didn't get too far. He probably tired himself out. But boy was he glad to get out and breathe some fresh spring air.