30 June 2005

I actually did something to my homepage today. I hadn't updated it since March of last year, and decided to work on it some today. I read the Terms of Use over at Internet Bumper Stickers, and I decided to get rid of my bumper sticker page, since I had a collection of over 25 and didn't get permission to use so many. I also didn't want to transfer them all to Photobucket to get hosted, then put them back up, so I saved only those that I used all over the site, which I will eventually host on PB, just not yet.
I also decided to make Tripod kind of my starting page with links to other networking sites I frequent. I guess I'm slowly bringing the real me out into the open, but not totally. I guess I didn't want to be too scattered around the web. Who knows?Anyway, if you haven't seen my site in a while, mosey on over and tell me what you think. Tell me if I need to lose something, add something, whatever you think, and I'll do what I can.

27 June 2005

Today's best quote

While flipping through channels, we landed on an episode of Will & Grace, with Gene Wilder as a guest star (as Mr. Stein). I don't know how Will helped him out, but Mr. Stein said, "I want to thank you from the heart of my bottom..." He paused a second, then said, "Strike that. Reverse it." He even did the hand motion!
And that was the highlight of my day. ^_^
You cover. Recover. You lovely.

Apparently, I talked in my sleep last night, and that's what I said. So Mira, thinking I was still awake, asked me what I said. So I repeated, "You cover. Recover. You lovely."
He said, "What?"
So I replied, "Nevermind!"

The next thing I know, I'm waking up and he tells me we just had a conversation. I'm thinking, how could we have just talked? I just woke up!

Ok, maybe it's not funny to you, but it is to me.

20 June 2005

Feelin' extra-crispy

I went to the annual family reunion on my grandma's side of the family (dad's mom), and spent too much time by the river, resulting in some very irritated shoulders and slightly less irritated arms, chest, shins, ears and back. Work today will not be fun. I've been slathered with aloe vera gel since Saturday afternoon, which I wouldn't need if I'd been smart enough to slather on some sunscreen before I went (novel concept). But I didn't think about it, and I didn't think I'd be there long enough to get pink.
What's funny is that you wouldn't have noticed I was burned by looking at my face; my nose is slightly pink, but you'd think I was blushing. Then I stayed home from church yesterday because something I ate didn't agree with me. So I've been in a long-sleeved polyester/lycra-spandex dance shirt and yoga pants since Saturday night since it's light and breathable and covers pretty much all of the burned areas. I've also had to wear a bun so my hair doesn't get in the goop when I baste myself in aloe, which I should probably do again soon. That oughta learn me...
But it hasn't been all bad lately. We switched our offices last Monday, so now his computer is in the bedroom and mine is in the living room. It's nice, since I can go and be on my computer in the living room and not have to wait for him to wake up to use it, which is especially good for laundry day (Monday). And work hasn't been too bad, but not always that great. We only have four babies (Moe, Webby, Tweety, and Strawberry), which isn't too bad. At one point we had five, but the youngest one (at the time, a 6 week old girl named Iris) was only there a few weeks while her dad was working as a teacher. But he has the summer off, so she'll be back in August when school starts up again.
It's nice to have so few babies, but at the same time, they have a tendency to leave early sometimes. On Friday, I had two by myself, and they were gone by 5:00, so I needed something to do for an hour! (I only work two hours a day.) So I took my time closing up my room then helped the gal next door with her last two, and we were out by 5:40, so she took me home. Since Mira and his friend from high school hang out on Tuesdays, I've been hanging out with her on Tuesdays too. I know her from church, and I teach her daughter in the 18 month to 2 year old class there.
Anyway, that's been my excitement for a while. Hopefully things don't go too bad with this burn at work today. The last thing I need is to pick up a baby and have him or her thump on my tender shoulders.

06 June 2005


I've recently discovered "blinkies", those cute little snippets of picture and text that now adorn the top of my page. There are thousands of sites dedicated to these tiny wonders: some are people's collections and others are about the people that create them, along with collections of their works.
I was first introduced to them at the message boards on iVillage. Seeing them everyday, they wormed their way into my heart and now I think they're great. The "waiting" one came from Blackhearted Wolf, and the rest are from Pinky Blinkies. I'm tempted to have somebody make me a siggie while I'm at it (colorful signatures using one's name or nickname; some include pictures and/or other graphics).