10 September 2006


One of the things we need to do to get m'hubby better is get him on a better sleep schedule. With our bedroom in the basement, and no windows where we were, we decided to move.

Well, sort of. Not out of the house, but we did switch things around at home by moving our bedroom into our living room, where there is a big window, and putting our living room in the bedroom. It worked out really well, and it took the both of us just a few hours to move everything. We left some of the stuff out to sort out where to put it the next day (books, movies, etc.), but we got the majority of the moving done in one night.

The sun comes in through the windows in the morning, making it difficult to sleep in too long, but that's what we're going for. The bedroom really feels like a bedroom now, and the living room really feels like a living room now. I like how this has turned out!

What we didn't do was move our computer desks; they stayed where they were (mine in the now-bedroom and his in the now-living room). As it is, we each have our own "fortresses o' solitude", so he can play on his computer, and watch movies and play video games when his friend comes over. I like that I can listen to my music without having to put on headphones when he comes in to watch TV.

We also wanted to get some more work done yesterday, so I cleaned all the curtains downstairs, which I had wanted to do for a long time, but never had the gumption to do (yes, gumption ^_^). We also cleaned the sliding glass door downstairs, and cleaned the "patio" (really just a big slab of concrete, but whatever), so it looks a lot nicer now than it used to.

It almost seems like we're starting to be more... responsible. Actually, I like it.