26 August 2006

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I finished the book "Phantom" by Susan Kay last night, and was very pleased with the way it turned out. The story is pretty much one big phanfic, but it's better than that because of the extensive research she did in order to write it.

I liked how the book was divided into the different perspectives, specifically his mother, himself (thrice, once in counterpoint), an original character named Giovanni, the Daroga (given the name Nadir), Christine (in counterpoint with Erik), and Raoul. Giving it the perspective of the characters in the book was a nice touch.

I have a tendency to root for the underdog, and he is the ultimate underdog. His face was beyond deformed, his mother never kissed him, he was beaten and humiliated, and anytime he was shown a little bit of respect, something got in the way and heardened his heart even more.

He lacked a normal face, but the rest of him sort of made up for it. His mask gave him an air of mystery. He was a musical genius, with a beautiful voice, talented hands, an expansive imagination, and an amazing mind.

I really don't know what else to say. I really liked this book, and wouldn't mind having a copy for my library, along with the original book by Leroux. Kay is a good writer and her research really helped to bring the 1800's alive. I'd recommend that Phantom phans read it just once. It's definitely worth it.

24 August 2006


Well, the clinic called today with the results of Mira's blood tests, and everything that is supposed to be high is low, while everything that's supposed to be low is high. The first things we need to take care of are his pain and our sleep schedule, then we'll work on everything else.

I got to meet my grand-niece on Sunday, and she is so cute! She's a little thing, with big eyes. We're going to visit with their family next Sunday and go to church with them.

I decided to see if our library had a copy of "Phantom" by Susan Kay, which they didn't, but another branch did! I picked it up yesterday and got to over halfway through it this morning. So far it's really good. Sad, but I think it's needed to see why he was the way he was. I'll do a review when I'm done with it, which will probably be Friday night or so, depending on how much time I set aside each day to read it.

I've been working 1-6 for a couple weeks, which has been kinda nice. I get there at naptime, so I read a book until they wake up (I'm reading "Pyramids" by Terry Pratchett, another good book; I'd read "Phantom" at work, but it's a big book and won't fit in my purse very well), then go next door just in time for snack. I also noticed that I got a raise (a whole whopping 50¢) in July. Woo!

13 August 2006


Just on a lark, I decided to see when my brothers go back to school. Can you believe that they're going back this Thursday? I know that other schools around the country have been in session for a week or two now, but still!

I still can't believe that Polarbear is a senior this year! I remember when he was born, and now he's a senior. On top of that, my "baby" brother is a sophomore this year! Man time flies! *sniffage*

Anyway, good luck to all you kids out there that are headed back to school already (especially those already there). Have a great school year!

03 August 2006

While the cat's away...

M'hubby is in Utah for a few days with his dad. There's a clinic out there that specializes in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, so he'll get some tests done and we'll hopefully find out what's wrong with him.

Meanwhile, it's just us girls in the house (me, Milly, and her mom). I've got some candles going and some music playing, and I'm singing off-key whenever I get the chance. I love it. ^_^ But I do miss coming home from work to a big hug and a kiss from m'hubby. As much as I enjoy being semi-solitary, I can't wait for him to come home on Sunday.