29 May 2006

28 May 2006

Of bodices and bachelorettes...

I stayed the night with my folks on Friday night because they were going to the RenFaire and I wanted to go with them. They're also having a new roof put in their house, so we were up at six Saturday morning listening to all the banging and booming. I don't remember when we left for the Faire, but my sister and her family met us up there and off we went!

I brought the dress I bought last year, but only wore it half the time. It was so blasted hot outside! We had a bunch of bottles of ice that became cold water rather quickly. Somehow Whiteshark managed to keep some of the ice in his bottle the whole time. I went to Heart's Delight, where I bought my dress last year, and bought a golden-yellow bodice from them and wore my garb the rest of the day. I think my shoulders got a bit red, but not too bad. Thank goodness for the shade! My mom bought a flower circlet for herself and one for me, so my garb is about as complete as it's gonna get.

We got back home sometime after six and we had some barbecue and watched "Bill Cosby: Himself". Then Athene, Moueska, Lar and her girls met me at my folks for Athene's last weekend as a single gal (wedding next weekend!) and we headed to a place in The Loop called Saleem's. Lar and I split a grilled portabello mushroom plate and we saw a bellydancer perform. Bookie had heard us talking about going to see a bellydancer and she kept asking us when we'd see the ballet dancer. ^_^ I can't remember the dancer's name, but I think it began with an S. Anyway, she came over and wanted Bookie to dance with her, but she was too shy, so Athene danced with her for a few minutes. Even Bef danced in her highchair a few times.

After a quick stop at Bubble Tea, we headed over to Lar's to play games, but we were all so tired when we got there that we just hung out for a while and headed home. I hope I didn't get Moueska too helplessly lost when I gave her directions to get home from my place. For some reason, I had a whale of a time trying to remember how to get to my house from dropping Athene off. I think it was the heat...

I modeled for Mira when I got home and... needless to say, he's very pleased with the result. ^_^ He even took pictures! So I'll leave you with a pic of my feast gear. (I apologize for the face, as it was really late at night when this was taken.)

09 May 2006

Thank your provider!

Providers Appreciation Day is today! So if you have kids in daycare, whether in someone's home or at a center, be sure to thank them for all of the hard work they put into taking care of your children.

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