21 September 2004

Boo! Halloween Season already?

A couple weeks ago, I was listening to the radio and a haunted house commercial came on. A day or so before that, the Johhnie Brock's and Spirit store billboards were up. And Pepsi released it's Mountain Dew Pitch Black on 21 August. Guess it's time to start thinking about autumn leaves, jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and parties. Sure, it's not for another 40 days, but it never hurts to plan ahead.
So, what to do for Halloween? Last year, I found a sorceress-looking dress, put on a necklace I had with a Celtic design, and was a... something. But it looked pretty good. Mira was a very sexy mafioso, if I do say so myself. ^_^ (Not that I'm partial because he's my husband or anything...) My neice Book is going to be a biker baby, according to Lar. Now that's gonna be cute.
Well, I'm sure I'll find something eventually. Happy haunting, um hunting.

19 September 2004

Joe's Apartment

Wierdest freakin' movie I have ever seen in my entire life!

14 September 2004

Rx for the blues...

Oh my crap. If you're in a bad mood, I have just the thing to make you feel better about yourself. Watch "Totally Obsessed" on VH1. They get the wierdest wackos on this show! On tonight's show (a repeat), there's a guy obsessed with Pacman, a woman who would love to weigh 600 lbs, a Peter Pan enthusiast, a guy who collects his belly button lint, and a couple who have decorated their house to look just like the house the Munsters live in. They even dress up as Herman and Lily.
Now, the Munster people, that's more normal than the rest. The Pacman guy has every single Pacman game on every single video game system, a whole bunch of Pacman toys, mugs, shirts, etc. and, get this, has spent a total of about $10,000 playing the arcade game whenever he goes out anywhere. *sigh*

[On Musicmatch Radio: "Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Clean)" - Eve]
I'm complete again!

(Footloose is on!) I feel so much better now. I called JBR, and they said that my rings were back. So off we went to the mall.
Similar to what was once two lonely people that were joined together as one, so were my engagement and wedding bands. Wow, it looks good! Nice and shiny and pretty and... together. ^_^ Less slipping, and they're always together. I love it. I'll have to take it off to sleep, but that's okay. I have my defense back. Back off guys! I'm taken!

11 September 2004

Relief! (On Musicmatch Radio: Criminal - Fiona Apple)

Good news! I get to keep the tooth! It's growing up nice and straight, and I have just enough room for it. I'm sore because the gum around it is infected, so I just have to keep taking antibiotics and aspirin for the pain. The left one, however, looks like it might be impacted, but we'll deal with that when it starts giving me trouble.

I'm a nervous wreck because I got to drive the majority of the way home, on the highway no less. I almost hit a guy when I got to the 255/270 split, and I forgot to signal that I was changing lanes near Hampton, but other than that, trying to stay in my lane, and the brakes acting funny, I did pretty good. FIL needed to drop off something so we stopped there, which was close to home, and he drove the rest of the way to see how the brakes were. He said I did pretty good, despite being nervous. I'll be driving in no time! Maybe...

10 September 2004

D'ow! (On Musicmatch Radio:I Don't Wanna Know - Mario Skeeter Winans)

I've been in pain for a few days now. My bottom right wisdom tooth (#32, third molar) has been pushing itself up through my gums, but I haven't had any pain until earlier this week when I really noticed how much it had grown. I think my jaw is too small, and I'll have to have it removed. It helps to live with a dentist. I 'm going to see him tomorrow at the office, where he can use his equipment to make a better judgement.
All I know is that it hurts, especially after I wake up. I can't chew on the right side, and I have to be careful when I brush my teeth. On a few occasions, I've taken Gly-Oxide (which really helps get rid of canker sores) and put a drop on the tooth and the area around it. Remember as a kid when you'd mix vinegar and baking soda, and it foamed up real fast, kinda like a volcano? That's what it's like. Lots of germs in there. My FIL's got me taking amoxicillin a couple times a day to fight bacteria, and I'm taking aspirin to dull the pain. I might have the procedure done tomorrow, I might have it done sometime next week. We'll have to wait and see. I hope this doesn't interfere with my voice class...

07 September 2004

I feel so naked!

No, I'm not actually naked, but I feel like it. Today, we've been married a year and a half, and I finally went yesterday to get my rings soldered. The guy (same guy who sold us our wedding rings and a watch/pocket flashlight to Mira) said that they should be ready by next Wednesday. So for the next week (and two more days of classes), I have to be careful and carry a stick with me to hit off all the guys who will be falling on me when they see that I don't have a wedding ring on my left hand 's ring finger. (Like I get that even with my rings on.)

Speaking of wedded bliss, a friend of mine had her wedding reception on Sunday. I didn't go because I had a previous engagement that I needed to attend to. Congrat's anyway, Rhema!